child abuse

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    Alejandro Ocana Gonzalez reportedly told police he hit the girl with a belt and things got, "out of control"
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    19-year-old Richard Vincent Blythe wanted for breaking ribs & fracturing 9-month-old's skull
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    4mo Kingston Gilbert was severely beaten, leaving him blind & suffering from brain damage by illegal daycare provider
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    A 6-year-old boy said his head was squeezed and that Evan Stevenson "will be mad"
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    Colten Allridge accused of dragging baby leaving missing hair, cuts on child's back & bruises on the body
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    Investigators seek assault charges on woman shown pulling child’s hair at My Little Playhouse Learning Center Video at this link
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    Harry Townsend, 20, admitted he had been “angrily hurting” & physically abusing the toddler for approximately a month.
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    A Bitter Bitch hits her 3-year-old son in retaliation to her ex-husband leaving her
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    Steven Garrett Todhunter accused of locking toddler inside a dryer and turning it on multiple times
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    Police investigating after video shows woman dragging 5-year-old by his hair at Aurora hospital Video at link
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    Sentenced: An unrepentant woman will serve 9yrs in prison for the severe abuse of her 22mo son which left him blind
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    David L. Fish accused of injuring a nine-year-old child by heating up a nail and burning the child with it
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    An Edmonton woman has been found guilty of intentionally breaking her two-year-old daughter’s ankles
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    No Justice: Carson Bennett, 20, was 'over his head" when he suffocated girl to the point of unconsciousness
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    Lance Breeding kicked his 5yo daughter in her leg when she could not get up from a previous assault
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    Joliet Parents are accused of beating their 8yo child so severe that the child suffered several bruises to their body
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    A 4-year-old girl suffered “visible injuries to her entire body” mom says they are “self-inflicted”
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    No Justice: Shocking injuries of 4mo boy at hands of 'wicked' couple who broke 28 of his bones including knees, ankles, ribs, & arm
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    Two arrested for child neglect after disturbing videos found on child’s phone
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    Cornelius Mitchell's little boy was starved, broken and had burns & lacerations all over his body