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new jersey

  1. Sugar Cookie

    Man accused of choking 9-year-old daughter outside the Hogfish Bar & Grill

  2. Sugar Cookie

    New Jersey teen rescued from illegal immigrant who abducted, raped her: cops

  3. Satanica

    School bus driver allegedly overdosed, revived with Narcan after crashing bus with 12 students onboard

    What could go wrong is she could pass out and have a wreck, and that's exactly what happened. There were 12 special needs children on the bus when it happened. No children were injured, thank goodness. Byrd was transporting the children home in a snowstorm at the time. She had to be revived...
  4. crys_xoxo

    Pawel M. Boduch charged with stabbing his parents to death...

    Pawel M. Boduch, 43, is accused of stabbing his parents, Edward Boduch, 71, and Miroslawa Potocka, 72, to death. Pawel Boduch has been arrested and charged with murder and possession of a weapon for unlawful use, related to their deaths, NJ.com reported. Officers found his parents dead inside...
  5. crys_xoxo

    Ryan Keogh arrested for murder & his parents arrested for helping cover it up!

    A man and his parents worked together to cover up the son’s shooting of a former family friend at their Bound Brook home last month, authorities say. Authorities say Ryan Keogh shot Coulanges around 5:30 or 6 p.m. at his parents’ home on Farm Lane in Bound Brook. Neighbors reported hearing the...
  6. Sugar Cookie

    Update: Daniel Griner Jr. was found dead in family's yard; beaten to death for not listening

    http://www.fox29.com/news/local-news/mother-charged-with-murder-after-remains-of-23-month-old-discovered-in-yard?fbclid=IwAR3qa09x49_QT-4EDAYOiF25jEF8nwqMV1dKzvbmOiFKjRitaNB1mrJceqY https://www.facebook.com/barbie.jae.7
  7. Sugar Cookie

    Whole Lotta Woman who put 2 children in care of sex offender boyfriend takes plea

  8. Sugar Cookie

    Jah'vi Brown, 1, found dead in an alley, last seen on 8/20/18 Neither parent reported him missing before 12/8/18

  9. Sugar Cookie

    Runaway cow gives birth 2 days after fleeing a truck headed to the slaughterhouse

  10. Sugar Cookie

    Update: 6 people beat boy, 3, w/ their fists & belts, poured scalding water on him “as a form of corporal punishment”

    https://www.foxnews.com/us/6-people-beat-poured-scalding-water-on-boy-3-at-new-jersey-house-officials-say From top left, Patricia Gamarra, Homer Searcy, Mary Buchan, Natacha Smith, Bridget Buchan and Patricia Buchan
  11. crys_xoxo

    2 kids, 2 adults dead in arson fire at NJ mansion

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/2-kids-2-adults-dead-in-arson-fire-at-mansion/ar-BBPV7Mf COLTS NECK, N.J. — Two children and two adults were found dead Tuesday at a burning mansion that was intentionally set ablaze in an upscale community near the New Jersey shore, officials said. One...
  12. crys_xoxo

    Missing Thomas Kolding, 15yo, from Mountain Lakes, New Jersey

    New Jersey Police are seeking public assistance in locating a 15-year-old boy from Mountain Lakes, New Jersey who last seen in Camden. Police say Thomas Kolding, 15, lives in Mountain Lakes with his parents and was last known to be at his home over a week ago on October 30. Officials have...
  13. Sugar Cookie

    WTF Update: New jersey judge accused of asking a woman in court why she didn't 'close her legs' to stop a sexual assault

  14. crys_xoxo

    Christopher Costello got 20 years for killing, burying friend in their backyard

    https://www.nj.com/burlington/index.ssf/2018/09/with_brother_already_serving_time_he_got_20_years.html#incart_river_index A Burlington County man was sentenced to 20 years in prison Friday for killing a friend and burying him in the backyard. At a second trial, in August, a jury had found...
  15. Sugar Cookie

    Why did the baby cross the road?

  16. Sugar Cookie

    Ah'ree Stanley-Nellom's dancing led to the death of his "working" Vag's 8-month-old daughter

  17. Sugar Cookie

    Rasheed Powell, sentenced to 148 after forcing couples to have sex at gunpoint before raping the women

  18. Sugar Cookie

    HS Principal Akbar Cook is going above & beyond to make sure his students don't skip school out of fear of being bullied

  19. TheMorningStar

    Woman Impaled By Beach Umbrella At The Jersey Shore

  20. LarzlovesJahi

    Diving Coach Swimming in Drugs

    Or should that have been "Diving coach, sinking fast"? :woot: Wacka, wacka, wacka. "CHERRY HILL, NJ — A Cherry Hill woman who was arrested along with her son for their roles in a conspiracy to distribute fentanyl, heroin, cocaine and marijuana in South Jersey has been fired as a diving coach...