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  1. S

    Man threw hot coffee in McDonald's worker's face after waiting too long for fries
  2. S

    Woman sues a Manhattan McDonald’s for gettind McWhooped & staff did not come to her aid
  3. S

    Trevor Hockaday's career in the fast food Industry is over
  4. S

    Nicole Jones Says She Found The Baby At Mcdonald's It seems like this mother was trying to do right by the baby.
  5. S

    Craig Alercia Had " Somewhere To Be" Told Kids To Walk Home In 14 Degree Weather
  6. S

    Edislennis Santana Wanted Fresh Bacon Winda St. Jean Went Upside Her Head
  7. Heatheness

    Nurses Are Quitting Their Jobs...mcdonald's Pays More