south carolina

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  1. S

    Charlie Kidwell claimed his religion allowed him not to provide necessities to the 5 kids he had shitting in a tire
  2. S

    Man threw hot coffee in McDonald's worker's face after waiting too long for fries
  3. crys_xoxo

    Kristen Rimes charged for lying to CPD investigators Investigators say Kristen Rimes, 26, is charged with filing a false police report and false swearing to police. According to CPD, Rimes said on November 26, 2018, she was forced out of a vehicle and...
  4. S

    84yo woman covered in sores, urine & feces was surrounded by insects & garbage after being barricaded in her home
  5. S

    A Rock Hill man threatened to “blow up” a York County deputy after being arrested for child abuse
  6. S

    Alyssa Anne Dayvault is accused of killing two newborns and disposing of their bodies in the trash
  7. S

    Negan set to adopt Jack and Diane, the inseparable donkey and emu couple
  8. S

    South Carolina foster parent reportedly made child wear electric dog collar
  9. S

    Update: Church volunteer Jacop Robert Lee Hazlett caught on video performing oral sex on 3yo boy at church
  10. S

    Child’s birthday party included kids drinking alcohol w/ hoes in thongs and bras pussy poppin
  11. S

    Body Found: South Carolina landfill being searched for body of 6-month-old, report says
  12. S

    2mo Karter Kha'Lil Hannah was placed in emergency protective custody & died days later from mass trauma
  13. S

    Ryan Langdale kindly warned his cousin not to eat his salt & vinegar potato chips, he should have listened
  14. crys_xoxo

    Gregory Bernard Roberts Jr linked to 2 kidnappings, 1 sex assault A South Carolina man who allegedly kidnapped two women and committed sexual assault on one, was arrested Tuesday night, police said. Columbia police said suspect Gregory Bernard...
  15. S

    Boy, 3, tied, beaten and injured, police say; Mom, Mary Nestle wanted, Penis charged
  16. S

    Sentenced: William Lee Carpenter Jr. gets 30 yrs for sexually assaulting 2 children & exposing them to H.I.V
  17. crys_xoxo

    Kaylan Whiteside gets 10 years for vigilante plot to kidnap grandfather accused of abuse ROCK HILL, S.C. - The Rock Hill granddaughter who masterminded a vigilante plot against her grandfather over alleged abuse when she was a child was sentenced...
  18. S

    9MO Miguel Angel Alvarado's bio donors made no attempts to save his life & waited 2hrs after his death to call for help
  19. crys_xoxo

    Police Officer Matthew Mainieri dies after being sucker punched while trying to break up fight An off-duty police officer was killed this weekend when he tried to break up a bar fight near Myrtle Beach. Police say Sgt. Matthew Mainieri, 41, who...
  20. S

    Marquille Livingston brutally raped 85YO woman, tells Life Alert all is fine when victim was able to hit alert