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  1. EyEgOrE

    Mandrake the Magician is No Houdini

    Jadugar Mandrake (the stage name for Indian magician Chanchal Lahiri, 40) attempted a Harry Houdini style stunt. "Chanchal Lahiri was tied up with steel chains and rope and slowly lowered into the water for the escape stunt near the Howrah Bridge in Kolkata. He was expected to free himself and...
  2. Sugar Cookie

    Woman, 20, is gang-raped by five men in front of her husband in India

  3. Sugar Cookie

    Dog Forced To Have Sex With Woman By Her Husband Several Times

  4. Sugar Cookie

    #It's India: Hordes of Indian villagers hurl cow dung at each other to bring health, prosperity & rain

  5. Sugar Cookie

    A dad hanged his 2 daughters & sent WhatsApp photos of their bodies to his estranged wife

  6. Sugar Cookie

    3yo was sexually assaulted for 10 days with the consent of the mother

  7. Sugar Cookie

    Girl, 12, gang-raped by her uncle & brothers, strangled by her aunt & then beheaded- Guess Where

  8. Sugar Cookie

    Today In India: Father attempted to bury his two headed 40 day old infant alive

  9. Sugar Cookie

    Just Another Day In India: A man raped, killed & skinned the head of a 4yo girl after her mother rejected him

  10. Sugar Cookie

    A teen was gang-raped by 6 men who tied her father to a tree and forced him to watch in India

  11. Sugar Cookie

    A 3wo baby girl buried alive near a pond in India for hours miraculously survived after locals heard her cries & dug her out

  12. Sugar Cookie

    A woman killed her three children by throwing them into the septic tank of a toilet in India

  13. Sugar Cookie

    Girl, three, is eaten by a leopard after being snatched from her mother's lap in India

  14. Sugar Cookie

    16yo was found beheaded with her face doused in acid and her breasts mutilated was it rape or an 'honour' killing

  15. Sugar Cookie

    A cannibal vampire is on the run after he was accused of drinking his dying mom’s blood after butchering her with an ax

  16. Sugar Cookie

    Mother is gang-raped by four men in India because her husband is a politician

  17. Sugar Cookie

    A newborn girl died in an Indian village after her mother allegedly chopped off the extra fingers and toes of the baby

  18. Sugar Cookie

    “The face of the child had been completely burned and the dress of the child had been charred”

  19. Sugar Cookie

    Today In India: We recovered the knife and genitals

  20. Sugar Cookie

    Indian egg & sperm were unhappy about having another female child, poisoned 2-month-old girl