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  1. Sugar Cookie

    A pedophile told police "There's some disgusting stuff on here" when he handed over his cell phone

  2. Sugar Cookie

    Toddler, infant found alive in home where 2 adults & a teen were found dead

  3. Sugar Cookie

    Toddler taken to hospital- there was evidence of rape and the child tested positive for an STD.

  4. Sugar Cookie

    Jamie Hudson Left Her Toddler On A Bus W/ Homeless Man She Just Met To Go To "Work"

  5. Sugar Cookie

    Hennessy Vidaury tortured by father on her 1st visition with him after he wins partial custody

  6. Sue sue

    Woman caught on tape abandoning child on someone’s door step.

  7. Sugar Cookie

    Sentenced: Anthony Morgan Felt Bad But Continued To Rape 5 Year Old Girl

  8. cubby

    Yajaira Tirado's 3yo Calls 911, Nasty Trailer, No Adults, A 1yo, Mean Dog, Shotgun, And Feces

  9. Sugar Cookie

    Father Kicks Toddler Who Is Unable To Stand In The Snow (video)

  10. Shaula

    Another Baby Baked After Being Left In Car Overnight

    (I don't know if I did this right, help me out if I made mistakes with this post :x) But seriously? I know there's not a lot of information here but I feel like there's definitely more going on with this case. You don't just "accidentally" leave a 2 year old in your car and then realize it the...
  11. Satanica

    Day Care Tragedy: 8-year-old Suspected In Toddler's Death

  12. TheMorningStar

    Toddler Lived With Dead Mother For Days

  13. amac

    John Lawrence, 24, & Jaime Petronella, 23, Abuse 3 Children, Baby Dies, Shows Signs Of Sexual Abuse

    John was not the biological father (shock) and the couple had just recently moved to Blanco, TX. The baby was taken to the hospital via Flight for Life yesterday and placed on life support, but sadly passed away today. Both the baby and the 2-year-old girl show signs indicative of sexual abuse...
  14. Sue sue

    Fl. Mom Tosses Her Toddler In The Dumpster Outside A Hospital

    Catrice Yolanda Sheffield thinks people are crazy after observing her erratic behavior outside Plantation General Hospital. People witness her hanging around the dumpster, lifting the lid tossing her 2 year old daughter and leaving. Fortunately two medical personnel witness her actions and...
  15. Sue sue

    Elephants In The Field Daycare Didn't Realize Parker Berry Drowned In The Stream.

    There's no telling how long Parker has been in the stream behind his daycare. The three-year-old was not discovered missing until his family members came to pick him up. At this time the staff members had realize he had and last been outside earlier in the day. A search for the toddler...