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  1. Sugar Cookie

    Husband Shoots One Of Wife’s Four Lovers After Catching Them Having Sex

  2. EyEgOrE

    Jerrontae Cain Shot His Ex, and She Didn't Notice

    "Atlanta (CNN) A Georgia woman and her ex-boyfriend were arguing in her car two years ago when her driver's side window shattered and she blacked out. When she came to, she was in his car, not hers, and they went to his mother's house because she had a head wound. She thought she had been cut by...
  3. Sugar Cookie

    Shaheem Hyde Charged After Shooting Lover In Ass & Dick Area

  4. Sugar Cookie

    The Mapson Sisters Plotted To Kill One Of Their Baby-Daddies

  5. Ducky

    Pair In 2 Seperate Vehicles Shoot And Kill Random Drivers In Odessa

    Multiple people, including a state trooper, have been shot in Texas as authorities hunt for a pair of shooters according to reports. People in the cities of Odessa and Midland are being told avoid the I-20 highway as cops hunt for the gunmen, one of whom is driving a small white or...
  6. EyEgOrE

    Olympic Champion's Brother Charged with Murder

    Tevin Biles-Thomas, 24, brother of Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles, has been charged with with murder, voluntary manslaughter, felonious assault and perjury stemming from an incident that occurred at a New Year's Eve party in Cleveland. The party was at an Airbnb above a pizzeria. A group...
  7. EyEgOrE

    Man Bags a Big Gulp and Two Burglars

    This guy (unidentified), living in a van in VA Beach goes to 7/11 to get a tasty beverage and runs in to a burglary in progress. He pulls his gun and shoots both burglars, killing one. "“He was like, ‘How’s my brother?’ ” the man said. “I remember answering him pretty coldly. I told him, ‘You...
  8. Sugar Cookie

    Levelle Barfield Shot His Son &The New Dick Piping The Pussy The Boy Came Out Of

  9. Sugar Cookie

    Carli Renae Reed Put A Stop To Her Husband Talking To Other Women

  10. Ducky

    Paris waiter killed because food took too long.

    A waiter in Paris has been killed because his customer thought he took too long with his sandwich. According to reports, a man was so angry with the time his food took to get to him, that when it finally did, the guy shot the waiter in the shoulder. All efforts to save the 28 year old man were...
  11. EyEgOrE

    Olympian Goes for Gold... in Murder

    Active United States Equestrian Federation member and former US Olympic Dressage Team member Michael Barisone, 54, has been arrested and charged with two counts of attempted murder and various firearm related charges. Responding to a 911 call for a woman with gunshot wounds, police found an...
  12. EyEgOrE

    "Unreal scene" on Houston's I-10

    One vehicle hit another on the freeway, causing the second vehicle to spin-out. The vehicle then rolled down a hill side, and as it did, the occupants of the first vehicle exited their car and began shooting at the second vehicle. Witnesses performed CPR on the two victims, but to no avail...
  13. Sue sue

    Walmart shooting El Paso: 19 dead and 40 injured.

    Within a just days of the Mississippi Walmart shooting were an Employee went postal, a active shooter was reported at the Walmart’s in Al Paso Texas. Recent update has the number of causalities has 19-22. The number of injured may have reached 40. One suspect is in custody. The suspect has...
  14. Sugar Cookie

    Woman shot while beating 13-year-old girl; police seeking shooter

  15. Sugar Cookie

    70-year-old Geraldine Stephens arrested after shooting at "interracial" teenage boy

  16. Sugar Cookie

    Man Murdered After An Accidental Bump Into An Apartment Door

  17. Sugar Cookie

    Genius Dodges Community Service Via Shotgun Blast, Pillow Armor Fails

  18. Jellyfish Brain

    Man Shoots Kids Over Fireworks, Gets Shot

    MAN ANNOYED BY FIREWORKS SHOOTS TEEN, 12-YEAR-OLD, NEIGHBOR AND THEN GETS SHOT BY BYSTANDER Author: Ashley Cole Published: 07/03/19 A man in his 40s was annoyed by kids setting off fireworks in the 4700 block of Caseyville and approached them with a gun. WASHINGTON PARK, Ill. – A teen...
  19. Sugar Cookie

    At Least 2 Shot At Tanforan Mall; Suspects Sought Along BART System

  20. EyEgOrE

    Mobile Home Dispute Leads to 5 Deaths

    Recently booted from his mobile home, 64 year old Claude Adams returned with a vengeance. Police allege that Adams, 64, shot and killed Kurt Bracke and Richard Hanen over an on going dispute. Police are uncertain of the nature of the dispute at this time, but believe it may have been a...