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sexual abuse

  1. Sugar Cookie

    Sentenced: Father gets 120 years for repeatedly raping his six-year old daughter

    https://ktvo.com/news/local/bloomfield-man-convicted-of-sexually-assaulting-daughter-sentenced-to-120-years https://ktvo.com/news/local/police-bloomfield-mom-saw-sex-abuse-video-still-left-child-alone-with-abuser
  2. Sugar Cookie

    Sentenced: Joshua Schindler was having “weird sexual thoughts” & said he needed help

  3. Sugar Cookie

    Man's “Cuddle Time” includes spooning, tears and a 14-year-old girl

  4. Sugar Cookie

    Surprise man arrested in sexual abuse and death of 18-month-old girl

  5. Sugar Cookie

    'Dr. Jelly Paws' sexually abused male athletes between 1979 & 1997 at Ohio State University

  6. Sugar Cookie

    Louis Mihalos, Jr. took a 13yo he met on Facebook to church to have sex

  7. Sugar Cookie

    Babysitter accused of sexually abusing 7-year-old boy

  8. Sugar Cookie

    Ex-pastor who raped adopted daughter receives only 12 years

  9. Sugar Cookie

    Stepfather who sexually abused his disabled stepson - says he wouldn't have done it if his wife had 'put out'

  10. crys_xoxo

    Man wanted by FBI for sexually abusing young girls turns himself in after 23 years

    "Wayne Arthur Silsbee eluded authorities for 23 years. He was wanted by the FBI for "multiple incidents of sexual assault" between September 1995 and April 1996 involving girls between 8 and 10 years old. The FBI said Silsbee knew each of the victims through babysitting for them or taking them...
  11. Sugar Cookie

    "I don't regret it, having sex with a 13-year-old girl, but I think it was a bad decision"

  12. Sugar Cookie

    New Jersey teen rescued from illegal immigrant who abducted, raped her: cops

  13. Sugar Cookie

    Man sentenced to weekends in jail & probation for the sexual abuse of his intellectually disabled 13yo step-daughter

  14. Sugar Cookie

    Babysitter abused four young boys between the ages of 6 and 12

  15. Sugar Cookie

    Man accused of sexually abusing woman over 500 times since she was 12-years-old

  16. Sugar Cookie

    Sentenced: ”**** you, you ruined my life ... I hit her” -18yo punched 6mo daughter he had w/ adoptive mother

    https://www.lubbockonline.com/news/20190402/lubbock-man-sentenced-to-10-years-for-injuring-6-month-old-girl http://www.kcbd.com/2019/03/18/lubbock-woman-gets-years-sexual-assault-adoptive-son/
  17. Sugar Cookie

    3yo was sexually assaulted for 10 days with the consent of the mother

  18. crys_xoxo

    Jonathan Paul Romine’s bail set at $14 million on 2,794 child sex charges

    "A north Alabama man is jailed with bail set at more than $14 million on 2,794 child sex crimes charges, authorities said. Jonathan Paul Romine, a 45-year-old from Rogersville, is held in the Lauderdale County jail, records show. He’s charged with numerous child sex crimes, including producing...
  19. Sugar Cookie

    Pay Day: Guatemalan man alleges 10yo son was drugged, sexually assaulted in U.S. Custody by another child

    https://ktla.com/2019/03/26/guatemalan-father-alleges-10-year-old-son-was-drugged-sexually-assaulted-in-u-s-custody/ At this point I am very unsympathetic to these people. They are breaking the law which endangers their child/ren in the first place and get a payday for it.
  20. Sugar Cookie

    What do you do when your penis is in prison & you are lonley? Have sex with a 14yo boy

    https://wnep.com/2019/03/21/scranton-woman-charged-after-admitting-to-sexually-assaulting-underage-boy/ Penis & Pubes