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  1. Sugar Cookie

    'Happy and smiling' baby born with no eyes is in need of a home after his mother gave him up

  2. Sugar Cookie

    What Was Yulia Khabitova Suppose To Do Her One-Year-Old Son Was Always Hungry

  3. Ducky

    Anna Shishkina Stabbed Her 2-Year-Old Son So She Could Stay and Party.

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7375791/Mother-stabs-two-year-old-son-death-pleaded-stop-partying.html - I really really wish that punishment was “eye for an eye” in situations like this. I don’t understand why she is allowed to live...
  4. Ducky

    Another baptism, and another traumatized baby.

    Video shows a Russian Orthodox priest forcing a baby into a tub of water as he tries to baptize the one year old. The baby is scared and squirming, which only infuriates the priest. The nut then proceeded on trying to shove the tot into the water. ~And you know what happened??? The baby said...
  5. Sugar Cookie

    Russian mom used a hockey stick to beat the devil out of her 12-year-old son

  6. Sugar Cookie

    Egg killed 2yo by shoving bread in her mouth for dropping crumbs’; then egg threw the girl away

  7. Sugar Cookie

    Sentenced: Russian police officer guilty of beating 12yo girl to death w/a baseball bat after raping her

  8. Sugar Cookie

    Russian doctor kills and dismembers woman he discovers had been a man while they are having sex

  9. Sugar Cookie

    Four severely neglected 'Mowgli children' have been found living inside a hellhole flat in a Moscow suburb

  10. Sugar Cookie

    Sentenced: 5yo attacked w/a knife & hammer & thrown off a balcony because woman throught she was Gollum

  11. Sugar Cookie

    Russian baby survives after mother threw her from a ninth-floor window

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6822337/Mother-threw-daughter-window-jumped-survived.html Unfortunately the mom survived too.
  12. Sugar Cookie

    No Justice: Evil Russian foster mom sobbed as she was sentenced for starving & drugging orphaned boy

  13. Sugar Cookie

    Woman delivers newborn and throws him in a dumpster so she can continue to party with friends

  14. Sugar Cookie

    Rasulzhan Kyzy Barnokhon needs dick and her children keep getting in the way

  15. Sugar Cookie

    Broken hearted mom dies after 6yo daughter is raped, strangeld & strung up on a fence by her husband

  16. Sugar Cookie

    Woman Went On Week-Long Party Spree, Leaving Her Daughter To Starve To Death

  17. Sugar Cookie

    Alexandra Shaposhnikova begged judge not to jail penis for biting off her nose- she can't regret that now

  18. Sugar Cookie

    Svetlana Muradyan & her lover “saw demons in the children” strangling & stabbing her grandchildren to death

  19. Sugar Cookie

    A man beheaded his lover 'because the cabbage soup she cooked wasn't tasty', say Russian police

  20. Sugar Cookie

    A Russian man begged a judge to let his girlfriend go free after she stabbed him 13 times, almost killing him