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  1. Sugar Cookie

    Tiger amazes experts by coming out of the wild to 'seek human help' at remote Russian border after suffering an injury

  2. Sugar Cookie

    Russian mom is spared jail after killing her 'tyrant' son w/a frying pan before using a power saw to slice his penis & head off

  3. Sugar Cookie

    killer sentenced to 8yrs served only 3yrs because his mental trauma had not been taken properly into account

  4. Sugar Cookie

    Man is killed and eaten to the bone by brown bear he raised as a cub after it escaped from its cage in his garden

  5. Sugar Cookie

    Woman in 'grave condition' after a bear tore her off her arm & ate it during a Christmas party at a Russian guest house

  6. Sugar Cookie

    A dog abandoned at a Siberian bus stop has a new owner this Christmas after waiting 6mos for his master to return

  7. Sugar Cookie

    Russian man beats another shopper to death for taking too long... then tells police he was 'in a rush to celebrate Christmas'

  8. Sugar Cookie

    A Russian Nut Was Cracked During An Argument

  9. Sugar Cookie

    A sobbing girl, eight, is lured by a convicted paedophile child murderer days after his release from a 20yr jail term

  10. Sugar Cookie

    Russian priest violently forces 2yo's head underwater during extreme baptism because 'Satan is inside her'

  11. Sugar Cookie

    A Russian mother of 2 was gang raped then killed by 3 teenagers aged 16 & under, before her body was mauled animals

  12. Sugar Cookie

    3mo put outside 'Come and look at her for the last time; Maybe she f*****g getting cold; She f*****g pissed me off'

  13. Sugar Cookie

    Love Russian Style: Petr Murskov is accused of knifing his pregnant wife to death after he was asked to stop smoking

  14. Sugar Cookie

    'Satanist' is jailed for 22 yrs for raping & murdering a 21 yo woman & drawing occult symbols on her body

  15. Sugar Cookie

    14-year-old was lured to a spot by a boy she liked and was ambushed by five girls and beaten for three hours

  16. Sugar Cookie

    Even the Lions is Russia are assholes, 4yo mauled when lion breaks through safety net

  17. Sugar Cookie

    Russian man who stepped in to save an 88yo grandmother from a violent thug is fined for beating attacker

  18. Sugar Cookie

    Update: Cannibal Couple: 12yo says she fried a heart & found it 'too sweet' but 'the brains were much more tasty

  19. Sugar Cookie

    Lindsey Lohan has lost her damn mind again, tries to kindnap Syrian children from parents

  20. Sugar Cookie

    No Justice: Katya Spesivtseva, 6 lip was bitten off by her mother to stop her from crying dies 1yr after finding loving family