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  1. Sugar Cookie

    Roy Nellsch A Knight In A Truck Rescued A Stranded Woman & Threatened To Rape Her

  2. crys_xoxo

    Norris Howard charged with kidnapping, rape & attempted murder

    "The Jefferson County sheriff’s office said authorities arrested 57-year-old Norris Howard of Pine Bluff following an investigation into the alleged assaults. Authorities charged him with kidnapping, rape and attempted murder. The sheriff’s office said it’s been investigating the case since...
  3. Sugar Cookie

    Three teenagers accused of raping 15yo girl told her, “What happens in the group, stays in the group”

  4. crys_xoxo

    Jonathan Nash Carpenter accused of raping 12yo girl at gunpoint while other man waited outside

    "Jonathan Nash Carpenter, 18, is charged with rape and sodomy, according to court records. Hezekiah Hockensmith, 19, is charged with complicity to rape and complicity to sodomy, according to his arrest citation...
  5. Sugar Cookie

    A Feel Good Story- Rapist Gets His Tongue Bitten Off

  6. Sugar Cookie

    2 SC males arrested for kidnap, rape of 14-year-old girl

    https://www.foxnews.com/us/two-south-carolina-teens-arrested-for-kidnap-rape-of-14-year-old-girl-police 18yo Rapist FB of 17yo https://www.facebook.com/davionne.towns.1
  7. Sugar Cookie

    I'm Azarez Latron Wiggins Bitch & I'm Here To Rape You

  8. Sugar Cookie

    Cruz, Balderas & Jimenez Beat & Sexually Assaulted An 82-Year-Old Woman During Home Invasion

  9. Sugar Cookie

    Does this look like the face of a man that needs to take the pussy

  10. Sugar Cookie

    Man arrested after 11-year-old boy says he was abducted, raped and told not to say anythin

  11. Sugar Cookie

    Devan Gage raped an incapacitated woman in a police station because he was bored

  12. MrsMiaWallace

    i am olivia

    my name is Olivia, i am 34 from Seattle. I am an artist, most recently I was a victim of a violent rape and assault back in 2017. The man broke into my apartment while I was sleeping, i woke up in the dark to him standing over my head staring at me. He tortured me for four hours, jumped on my...
  13. Sugar Cookie

    Man & Japanese wife on vacation 'kidnapped & raped' another tourist from Japan in hotel room

  14. Sugar Cookie

    George Perrot, freed from prison after serving 30 yrs in rape case, facing new rape charge

  15. crys_xoxo

    Hunter Landon Timm violates protective order; kidnaps, rapes pregnant woman

    "In a 911 call released, a woman told operators, "My sister is there with her boyfriend he's got her hostage up there... she`s pregnant and he`s beating on her." That call from the victim's sister, about 25-year-old suspect Hunter Landon Timm. "I think he might be out there beating on her and...
  16. Sugar Cookie

    No Justice: Shane Piche "Experienced Pain & Consequences" But Will Do No Time For Raping 14yo Girl

  17. Sugar Cookie

    Sentenced: Woman takes 11yo girl to motel to be raped by her boyfriend

  18. Sugar Cookie

    "Big Brother" accused of making 14yo boy dress up as a girl & raping him 10 times

  19. Sugar Cookie

    US boy, 15, is abducted and raped at gunpoint by three schoolboys in Pakistan where he had gone to study

  20. Sugar Cookie

    Police Use Dating Site ‘PlentyOfFish’ to capture man who raped & dumped a woman in the woods