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  1. crys_xoxo

    Duo found passed out in hot car with infant and meth

    "According to arrest reports filed for the case, Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office deputies found the driver, Brianna Ramsey, 24, and passenger Bradley Bellmore, 22, asleep in a vehicle Sunday morning. An 8-month-old infant was in a car seat in the rear of the vehicle. The vehicle was not...
  2. Sugar Cookie

    Father admitted hitting his 2mo on the back of the head several times to get the boy to stop crying

    https://www.knoe.com/content/news/2-month-old-child-dies-from-injuries-after-alleged-beating-by-Louisiana-man-511635242.html 3/20/17 Paige 4/9/18 Emily 4/11/19 ⚾ Kodah ⚾ They had three children one after another Baby Killers FB https://www.facebook.com/zackary.chevallier.94 Mom's FB...
  3. Sugar Cookie

    A Louisiana sheriff's deputy filmed a mother performing a sex act on her 1-year-old boy

    https://www.foxnews.com/us/police-deputy-filmed-sex-act-involving-mother-baby Shadrick Jones, 33, and Iyehesa Todd, 26 https://www.facebook.com/iyehesa.todd
  4. Sugar Cookie

    Oh Nacho They Didn't; Customer Call Police When Taco Bell Runs Out Of Taco Shells

  5. Sugar Cookie

    Father arrested after 3mo girl had multiple brain hemorrhages, retinal hemorrhaging, & seizures

  6. Sugar Cookie

    Ashley Perkins beat her wife with a bedpost for washing clothes and her marijuana

  7. Sugar Cookie

    The Beastie & Illegal deported in 05' arrested on more than 100 counts of child sex crimes

  8. crys_xoxo

    18yo Kamone Thomas arrested for accidently shooting & killing 9yo cousin

    One bullet killed Marquis Thomas Jr., Jefferson Parish coroner's chief investigator Mark Bone said Thursday. Kamone Thomas, 18, of Marrero, has been charged with negligent homicide, obstructing justice and possessing marijuana, Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joseph Lopinto said at a news conference...
  9. crys_xoxo

    18yo Kaylee Wilson charged with murder in fatal stabbing over a man

    Des Moines County court records say Kaylee Wilson is charged with second-degree murder. She's being held pending $500,000 bail. She's accused of stabbing 23-year-old Mallery Doak on Tuesday afternoon during a fight in front of Wilson's Burlington home. The records don't list the name of an...
  10. Muriel Schwenck

    Vulnerable Adult Cyra Harrison Dies of Intentional Neglect at the Hands of Her Mother Karen Harrison and Housemates

    I put this in Crimes Against Children because the victim was 25, but extremely vulnerable, and intentionally neglected to death by her mother. I was sure this was already here. Seemed familiar. Searched all over...
  11. Sugar Cookie

    Mario Perez Roque gets just 5 years for kidnapping a woman & putting her in a hole in his bedroom

    The original thread is closed. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6358977/Man-gets-5-years-kidnapping-Louisiana-woman.html
  12. Sugar Cookie

    Logan Kyle & his side ho were driving around with her crumb snatchers & his dead wife in the trunk

  13. crys_xoxo

    A ghost planted the meth - Michael Auttonberry

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/louisiana-man-claims-ghost-planted-meth-at-his-home-falsely-reports-stabbing-sheriff/ar-BBNXobR A Louisiana man who claimed that a ghost planted drugs on him after he was hit in the head with an ax — despite having no visible wounds — is under arrest...
  14. Sugar Cookie

    Faith knew a gentle touch in her last hour

  15. Sugar Cookie

    Grady Thornton held 3-month-old Terrell by the head, like a basketball, & squeezed until he stopped crying

  16. crys_xoxo

    Robert Ray charged with hate crime and battery

    https://www.wafb.com/2018/09/15/donaldsonville-man-charged-with-hate-crime-battery/ GONZALES, LA (WAFB) - A man from Donaldsonville faces several charges, including a hate crime charge, after police said he started a fight with a family at a store. The Gonzales Police Department said that on...
  17. crys_xoxo

    Kayla Coutee kills estranged husband at Walmart in front of 3 children

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/woman-kills-husband-at-walmart-in-front-of-3-children-cops-say/ar-BBN5Dcm?li=BBnb7Kz A woman met her estranged husband at a Louisiana Walmart and then shot him dead in the presence of their three children, police said Saturday. The victim died of a gunshot...
  18. Sugar Cookie

    3YO locked in dark bathroom w duct tape around his mouth, hands & feet by his great grandmother for crying

  19. Olivia

    It’s all in the family: Child Sex Abuse Investigation Leads to Louisiana Siblings

    https://www.thetowntalk.com/story/news/2018/07/31/rapides-siblings-held-jail-after-arrests-child-sex-abuse-case/871410002/ A "concerned third party" reported suspicions of child sexual abuse to the Rapides Parish Sheriff's Office, which resulted in the arrests of a brother and sister. The...
  20. Muriel Schwenck

    Billy Adams Sr and His Mom Regina Vanzant Get High, Billy Adams Jr Dies in RV Fire