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  1. Siobhan

    Troy Hickey Arrested For DUI, Drug And Traffic Offenses After Hitting A Hearse In A Funeral Procession

    As the funeral procession for 90 year old Evelyn Mary Osborne was taking place in Lilburn GA, a drunk driver slammed into the hearse carrying her remains, causing the vehicle with two funeral directors and the casket inside to flip several times. According to a Lilburn police report, Troy...
  2. Sugar Cookie

    10wo was starved and neglected, her parents wanted another son & were too busy doing ice

  3. Sugar Cookie

    Sentenced: Roberta Smith neglected her kids, she was shooting up drugs instead of watching them

  4. Sugar Cookie

    Mitchell Borys Malczycki Entered Woman's Room Naked & Attempted to Rape Her, Police Say

  5. Sugar Cookie

    Colten Allridge accused of dragging baby leaving missing hair, cuts on child's back & bruises on the body

  6. Old Man Metal

    Featured Pittsburgh Man Jailed After Leaving Weed In Uber, Trying To Get It Back

    PITTSBURGH, PA — Marijuana makes you stupid. That's the rumor, at least. You'll have a hard time convincing Pennsylvania State Police otherwise after their dealings with Malik Mollett. Mollett, 21, took an Uber ride in late December, like thousands of other Pennsylvanians. No doubt some of...
  7. Malik_Molletts_Weed.jpg


    Malik Mollett's Weed
  8. Malik_Mollett_2.jpg


    Malik Mollett
  9. Malik_Mollett.jpg


    Malik Mollett
  10. Old Man Metal

    Featured Idaho Priest Who Lived Life Of Blasphemy And Sin Sentenced For Violent Child Porn And Drugs

    BOISE, ID — The Rev. W. Thomas Faucher, an Idaho priest serving in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise, described himself at his recent sentencing as "one really sick puppy." That is a prescient assessment. The 73-year-old priest was being sentenced for distribution of child pornography. That...
  11. Rev_W_Thomas_Faucher.jpg


    Rev. W. Thomas Faucher
  12. crys_xoxo

    James A. Morman III poses as pastor & tries to get drugs in prison through bible!

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/prison-visitor-poses-as-pastor-to-smuggle-drugs-to-inmate-in-bible/ar-BBRKZWM James A. Morman III is accused of hiding Suboxone Strips inside of Bibles and pretending to be a pastor in order to get them to Scotland County Detention Facility inmate Bryson...
  13. Sugar Cookie

    Man charged with drugging 17yo & trading her for drugs; girl woke up as she was being sexually assaulted

  14. Sugar Cookie

    Bond denied for Lexington mother accused of killing her own child; drug possession

  15. crys_xoxo

    Brian Matthew Morton was arrested after child porn, ladies undies, drugs, sex toys & cellphones were found during traffic stop

  16. Sugar Cookie

    A grandmother reported her 2 grandkids often begged her to bring them food because they were hungry

    https://www.wkrg.com/news/northwest-florida/horrible-conditions-described-in-child-neglect-case/1669687975 https://weartv.com/news/local/parents-found-with-meth-at-elementary-school
  17. Sugar Cookie

    Lemon Allen likes to store his drugs and bullets inside baby bottles and formula

  18. Old Man Metal

    Featured Kentucky Deputies Clear Out Meth Nest; Dozen Arrested

    LONDON, KY — Police in Kentucky arrested a dozen people on a variety of charges after investigating community complaints about suspected drug dealing. There are good neighbors and there are bad neighbors, and then there are neighbors that are a blight on not just the neighborhood, but on...
  19. bryants_way.jpg


    Scene of drug bust near Byrants Way in London, Kentucky
  20. crystal_meth.jpg


    Crystal Meth