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  1. crys_xoxo

    BSO Investigating Child’s Death Inside Van At Oakland Park Daycare

    "Oakland Park Fire Rescue confirms a 2-year-old was locked in a van. In video from Chopper 4, there is white van parked outside of the Ceressa Learning and Activity Daycare Center. A yellow tarp is draped over one side the van. Worried parents rushed to the center to pick up their children...
  2. Sugar Cookie

    2nd arrest in daycare employee intentionally drops infant boy on head for making noise

  3. Sugar Cookie

    A 10-month-old boy choked on a pine cone and died at a Raleigh daycare

  4. Sugar Cookie

    Parents say daughter was bitten several times at Sunrise Preschools

  5. Sugar Cookie

    It took 3 weeks for Markita Rainey to start battering the babies at the Sunshine House daycare

  6. Sugar Cookie

    Baby boy is DEAD after head trauma caused by babysitter, family member claims

  7. Sugar Cookie

    Baby suffers brain trauma in day care, police say; days later, owner kills herself

  8. Sugar Cookie

    Theodore Joseph Heaps compared himself to Ted Bundy & would reenact the sexual abuse of his victims w/ his girlfriend.

  9. Sugar Cookie

    Jonee Hamilton is believed to have grabbed the child's head and slammed the 16mo girl into the ground

  10. Sugar Cookie

    'Show them who the boss is': Miracle Bush Learning Center owners accused of abusing children

  11. Sugar Cookie

    Babysitter Shares Why She Won’t Accept Children Who Are Asleep, And The Reason Is Heartbreaking

    Interesting read https://www.fempositive.com/babysitter-shares-why-she-wont-accept-children-who-are-asleep-and-the-reason-is-heartbreaking/
  12. Sugar Cookie

    Update: Nanny accused of day care stabbing spree: I was trying to kill wolves

  13. Sugar Cookie

    Boy, 4 left in daycare van for over an hour kept honking horn to get attention, had taken off his shirt and shoes

  14. Sugar Cookie

    Mother Outraged After Seeing A Photo Of Her 7 M O Tied Up In A Sleep Sack At Day Care

  15. Sugar Cookie

    No Justice: Rebecca Degregory Is Accused Of Pulling 18 M O Girl's Hair Out At Daycare

  16. Sugar Cookie

    Elvira Ortega Would Rather Be Deported Than Go To Jail For Breaking Baby's Leg In Unlicensed Daycare

  17. Satanica

    FRONT PAGE Child Survives Hanging At Uptown Day Care

  18. Satanica

    Day Care Tragedy: 8-year-old Suspected In Toddler's Death