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  1. LFODBiker

    A story about a good dog attack

    Finally a doggo story with a good ending... Roxy - She's a good girl. An Indianapolis idiot burglar broke into a house where he met up with Roxy, a 90lb lump of a pit bull who did what most dogs do when confronted with a stranger in their house. She tried to eat him. Neighbors witnessed the...
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    Elijah Roby
  3. Ebony_Roby.jpg


    Ebony Roby
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    Mary Elizabeth Locke
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    Chris Hansen
  6. Old Man Metal

    Featured Pittsburgh Man Jailed After Leaving Weed In Uber, Trying To Get It Back

    PITTSBURGH, PA — Marijuana makes you stupid. That's the rumor, at least. You'll have a hard time convincing Pennsylvania State Police otherwise after their dealings with Malik Mollett. Mollett, 21, took an Uber ride in late December, like thousands of other Pennsylvanians. No doubt some of...
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    Malik Mollett's Weed
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    Malik Mollett
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    Malik Mollett
  10. Old Man Metal

    Louisiana Cop Charged With 40 Counts Related To Sexual Abuse Of Animals

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    Terry Yetman
  12. Old Man Metal

    Woman Rides Cart Around Walmart Parking Lot For Hours Drinking Wine From Pringles Can, Gets Banned

    https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/01/13/woman-banned-walmart-drinking-wine-pringles-can-riding-electric-cart/2564916002/ I'm betting the restaurant was an IHOP.
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    Woman Rides Cart Around Walmart Parking Lot For Hours Drinking Wine From Pringles Can, Gets Banned
  14. Old Man Metal

    Featured Idaho Priest Who Lived Life Of Blasphemy And Sin Sentenced For Violent Child Porn And Drugs

    BOISE, ID — The Rev. W. Thomas Faucher, an Idaho priest serving in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Boise, described himself at his recent sentencing as "one really sick puppy." That is a prescient assessment. The 73-year-old priest was being sentenced for distribution of child pornography. That...
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    Rev. W. Thomas Faucher
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    TJ Scott Grove
  17. Old Man Metal

    Featured Baby Mama Drama Turns Kentucky Church Christmas Play Into Melee

    PRESTONBURG, KY — Mark Anthony Gilliam, 21, and Tabitha Ann Compton, 20, are Kentucky trash. And, like trash, you always know when they're around; trailer park drama follows them wherever they go, like the stench of boiled cabbage and failure. On Sunday, the 16th of December, said stench...
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    Mark Anthony Gilliam
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    Erich Stelzer