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child endangerment

  1. Sugar Cookie

    Single Mom Of Seven Investigated For Pictures Of Baby Buried Under Groceries In Shopping Cart

  2. Sugar Cookie

    Child Hospitalized, Woman Arrested After 11yo Daughter Shares THC-Laced Candy At School

  3. Sugar Cookie

    Marina Lobato Only Had One Stroller So She Left Her 1yo & 3yo children unattended in the car

  4. Muriel Schwenck

    Mom Leaves Child in Car at Casino with Woman She Met Day Before. What Could Go Wrong?

    I bet the mother thought she'd get some free in car babysitting while she played some slots. I hope authorities are side eyeing her dumb judgement. I bet the kidnapper is mentally deficient. (Pickled brain.) Poor kidlet saddled with people like this! As for mom, a box of fish has more common...
  5. Sugar Cookie

    8mo Harlem Girl In Grave Condition W/ No Brain Function After Her Mom Left Her Alone In A Filling Bathtub

  6. Sugar Cookie

    A Muskogee Meathead "Severely Burned" A 2-Year-Old With Alcohol While Accelerating A Fire

  7. Sugar Cookie

    Toddler Hospitalized For Being Drunk On Peach Schnapps, Grandma Arrested

  8. Sugar Cookie

    Mom Waits 4 Days To Take 2 Month-Old to hospital: He Wasn't Eating, Pooping, And Eyes Crossed After His Head Slammed By Dad

  9. Sugar Cookie

    Mother & Friend Seemed Unfazed As Her Foaming From The Mouth Infant Was Rescued From A Hot Car

  10. Sugar Cookie

    Woman left kids in hot car a week after her mother killed her disabled sister in same way

    https://www.greenvilleonline.com/story/news/2019/08/13/sc-police-woman-leaves-kids-hot-car-after-sisters-hot-car-death-their-mothers-vehicle/1997929001/ https://www.facebook.com/ashley.pangalangan
  11. Sugar Cookie

    Father Used Hot Car To Punish 10-Year-Old Son

  12. Sugar Cookie

    2 Month-Old Infant Rescued From Hot Car, Couple Found Asleep, Meth Inside Of Formula Can

  13. Sugar Cookie

    Mother Arrested After Toddler Found Unresponsive In A Car, Child Tested Positive For Opiates

  14. Sugar Cookie

    Woman Arrested in Connection With Video Showing Children Smoking Weed

  15. Sugar Cookie

    Woman Arrested For Leaving Her Toddler In Hot Car While At DCS Appointment For Her Newborn

  16. ghosttruck

    3 Kids Locked In Back Of U-Haul Carrying Drugs In Tennessee

  17. Sugar Cookie

    Driver accused of using 30-can beer pack as booster seat for 2-year-old

  18. Sugar Cookie

    Mother under the influence of drugs left her 17mo naked in a drainage ditch with cuts & bug bites

  19. Sugar Cookie

    A 2yo & a 4yo were asking strangers for food and water at apartment pool after being left alone

  20. Sugar Cookie

    Deferred Sentenced: Police find a 14mo wearing a wet diaper & showing signs of medical distress in a hot car