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  1. Prettypink513

    Arizona Man Shoots Himself. That's ONE Way to Handle Noisy Neighbors

    "An Arizona man who allegedly fired his gun at his ceiling in an effort to get his neighbors to quiet down ended up shooting himself in the face, police said." "He “had banged on the door, yelling at them, trying to make contact during this argument” at about 11:20 p.m., Phoenix Police Sgt...
  2. crys_xoxo

    Man Arrested For Allegedly Stabbing And Killing His Mother

    "Travers Proulx, 43, was booked into the Mohave County Jail on one count of first-degree murder after he allegedly stabbed 74-year-old Bette Vaughn to death. Officers responded to a house in the area of Ramar Road and Lakeside Drive at 4:15 a.m. to a report that Proulx got into an argument with...
  3. Sugar Cookie

    3mo left in hot car on 114 degree day because dad wanted to go to the bar and mom was mad about it

  4. crys_xoxo

    Daughter, Boyfriend Arrested After Mother's Body is Discovered in 55-Gallon Drum

    "Working from that tip received on Friday, detectives in the Mojave County Sheriff’s Office began surveillance of a couple who lived together at a home in Kingman, a department spokesman, Anita Mortensen, tells PEOPLE. When they finally obtained a search warrant for the property, investigators...
  5. crys_xoxo

    Missing Woman, 69, missing in Mojave with no supplies or cellphone and wearing only a bikini

    "Barbara Thomas of Bullhead City, Ariz., was hiking with her husband, Robert, about 20 miles north of Interstate 40 near Kelbaker Road when they were separated around 2:30 p.m., the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement. Thomas, who is described as 5 foot 9 and 130...
  6. Sugar Cookie

    Future Serial Killer “Mutilated” His Roomate's Dog As She Was Moving Out Of His Home

    https://www.abc15.com/news/region-west-valley/buckeye/man-arrested-for-killing-dog-as-female-roommate-was-moving-out https://petrescuereport.com/2019/arizona-man-arrested-for-beheading-roommates-dog/
  7. crys_xoxo

    Mitchell Mielke arrested on multiple counts of sexual conduct with 3yo girl

    "According to Scottsdale police, the department received a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children concerning 57-year-old Mitchell Mielke. The tip, according to Scottsdale police, detailed "hundreds" of images and video of Mielke "sexually exploiting children."...
  8. Sugar Cookie

    Nicholas Calfy smoked a cigarette after repeatedly kicking a kitten

  9. Sugar Cookie

    Arizona dispatcher arrested for allegedly faking father's death to get time off

  10. Sugar Cookie

    Update: An 11mo baby girl has died after she was pulled from a toilet at a Phoenix house

  11. Sugar Cookie

    Parents say daughter was bitten several times at Sunrise Preschools

  12. crys_xoxo

    Parents face felony child abuse charges after failing to take sick son to ER

    "Both Sarah Beck and Brooks Bryce face charges of "child abuse domestic violence," according to a police report obtained by 12 News. The report says Beck failed to get medical treatment for the boy despite the doctor's warning, and refused to allow police and Arizona Department of Child Safety...
  13. crys_xoxo

    Driver stabbed passenger to death following car crash

    "An Arizona man was charged with murder after police say he veered off a busy highway and fatally stabbed his female passenger. Fernando Acosta, 25, was arrested Friday and charged with premeditated murder in the first degree and aggravated assault resulting in serious physical injury after...
  14. Sugar Cookie

    Homeless man called his cat a whore shouted "the cat was stuck on his penis' & told the cat to stop shitting

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6837833/Homeless-Arizona-drug-dealer-40-arrested-bestiality-cat.html http://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/arizona-news/police-mesa-man-accused-of-bestiality-involving-a-cat
  15. crys_xoxo

    Mom Accused Of Abusing Adopted Children, Forcing Them To Star In 'Fantastic Adventures' YouTube Videos

    "Authorities say a woman in a city south of Phoenix is accused of abusing seven adopted children, including using pepper spray on them and locking them in a closet. Machelle Hackney was booked into the Pinal County Jail on suspicion of two counts of molestation of a child, seven counts of child...
  16. Sugar Cookie

    Good news for Little Foot, the puppy found w/ rubber bands around his paws - he now has a furever home

  17. Sugar Cookie

    Father confessed that he squeezed the infant's head inside his forearm & bicep for crying

  18. Sugar Cookie

    Mom admitted letting her baby crawl on floor of apartment where she knew the residents were “dealing Mexicos

  19. ghosttruck

    Private Parts Tattoo Leads To Man's Arrest

  20. Sugar Cookie

    Alejandro Ocana Gonzalez reportedly told police he hit the girl with a belt and things got, "out of control"