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  1. Sugar Cookie

    Ten-month-old dies after parent leaves her in a hot car on a 90-degree day to go grocery shopping

  2. Sugar Cookie

    Which One Of Sean Dykes Personalities Is Sorry For Beating Up A 3-Month-Old Baby Girl

  3. Sugar Cookie

    17 months old Nariah Brown died after sex assault in Richmond motel room

  4. Sugar Cookie

    ‘Sweetest dog ever’ found tied to abandoned home, despite traumatic injury has a cheerful attitude

    Let's all send positive energy so that Rusty will find his furever home https://pix11.com/2018/10/11/sweetest-dog-ever-found-tied-to-abandoned-home/
  5. Satanica

    Masked men terrorize Texas family, burn child with hot water during home invasion

  6. Sugar Cookie

    Penis Forced Girl, 3 Into Cold Shower & Hit Boy, 5 So Hard That He Peed On Himself

  7. Sugar Cookie

    Paula Sinclair Sentenced To 35 Years For Abuse Of 7 Special Needs Teenagers

    https://www.cbsnews.com/news/paula-sinclair-sentenced-special-needs-children-horrific-conditions/ Original Link https://www.cbsnews.com/news/officials-7-texas-special-needs-teens-were-regularly-locked-in-closet/
  8. Sugar Cookie

    On Rockafella Fin's Last Day He Had Someone To Hold Him As He Crossed The Rainbow Bridge