family violence

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    A cannibal vampire is on the run after he was accused of drinking his dying mom’s blood after butchering her with an ax
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    Woman, 28, told deputies her eldery parents "should have taken me to Outback & this wouldn't have happened"
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    Juniad Hashim Mehmood massacred 3 children because he lost his job at the Good Will
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    'This is how hell feels': Cudahy couple charged with neglect, abuse and torture of teen daughter
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    Johnny V. Jimenez is accused of trying to set his disabled mom on fire after she “looked at him like he was stupid"
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    Boy, 12, charged with murder & first degree assault after 'fatally stabbing his sister & wounding his mother
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    Son has '50-50 chance' of survival after spleen ruptures in beating by father
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    A 3-year-old girl who's throat was cut by her uncle has died
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    A man drove into a car carrying his 9-year-old daughter, then shot into the car and wounded her
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    Modesta Gomez, 23, repeatedly slammed the door on her Aunt Martina, 63
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    41yo NY man tries to kill his entire family (4 generations) by throwing oil on them & setting apartment on fire
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    Woman placed a plastic trash bag over her son's head and pulled the drawstrings, when he said he wanted to kill himself
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    Nine-year-old boy was decapitated by two of his relatives as part of sacrifice to a Hindu goddess in India
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    Female lion, Zuri kills her cubbs daddy, Nyack, during fight; their 3-year-old daughter, Sukari, witnessed death
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    Ryan Langdale kindly warned his cousin not to eat his salt & vinegar potato chips, he should have listened
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    Woman chases and hits husband with Meat Tenderizer, lays down in road and is hit & killed by drunk driver
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    Leticia Tanzi Lucas, 13 was brutally murdered by her father after refusing to recant sexual abuse charges against him
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    28-year-old Hannah Walker just got out of prison her mother says she need to go back