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family violence

  1. Sugar Cookie

    Mother Of 15 Accused Of Torturing Children, Boiling Puppies To Death As Punishment

    https://www.foxnews.com/us/new-mexico-mother-faces-charges-after-abusing-children-and-boiling-pets-to-death-as-punishment https://ktla.com/2019/06/25/new-mexico-woman-accused-of-torturing-children-boiling-puppies-to-death-as-punishment/
  2. Sugar Cookie

    New Jersey woman stabbed and killed her identical twin sister

    https://www.courierpostonline.com/story/news/2019/06/24/amanda-ramirez-anna-camden-woman-stabbed-twin-sister-centennial-village/1549880001/ Twin Killer-Amanda Ramirez.......................................Anna Ramirez
  3. Sugar Cookie

    Air National Guard member, 2 toddlers found dead in Staten Island home; husband in custody

  4. Sugar Cookie

    Christopher Paul Weiss executed his 1yo daughter, Azaria while she was strapped in her car seat

    The killing happened in 2017, Weiss has plead not guilty and is awaiting trial. https://www.dallasnews.com/news/texas/2017/11/08/texas-man-accused-killing-1-year-old-daughter-mother-execution-style-authorities-say...
  5. Sugar Cookie

    Wendell Wilson killed his daughter over a baby gate

  6. Sugar Cookie

    New groom shot in the leg's by brother-in-law who couldn't bring his dog to the reception

  7. Sugar Cookie

    Mother stabbed 17 times when she asks husband bickering w/ her 6yo to leave for the night

  8. Sugar Cookie

    An emotionally-disturbed Bronx dad attempted to kill his son and daughter by slicing their throats

    Bronx dad cuts his children’s throats in hour-long drama but they survive: police
  9. Sugar Cookie

    Adrian Ramirez was found in the house covered in blood, holding a knife and a hammer

  10. Sugar Cookie

    911 operator was unable to persuade mom to rescue her 2yo from the bathtub and administer CPR

  11. Sugar Cookie

    A 10yo Conroe boy is dead and his 12yo sibling has been charged with his murder

  12. Sugar Cookie

    Akron Mom accused of shooting at 15-year old son after threatening to shoot him

  13. Sugar Cookie

    Giovanni Bubenik Is A Very Bad Son- Beats Mother Over Borrowed $100

  14. Sugar Cookie

    Infant boy shot multiple times in family murder-suicide found alive covered in blood

  15. Sugar Cookie

    High School Student Arrested for Domestic Battery After Cracking Egg on Mom’s Head

  16. Sugar Cookie

    Ernest Owens wanted $10 for Crack on Easter Sunday

  17. Sugar Cookie

    Woman refuses to press charges after being attacked 2x, puppy thrown against wall

  18. ghosttruck

    Adultery Causes Man To Murder Wife And Kids

    This story brought to you by the one...the only @JackBurton https://www.foxnews.com/us/phoenix-man-accused-of-killing-4-including-wife-and-2-kids
  19. Sugar Cookie

    Mom beaten to death with baseball bats before having her throat slit by her son & friend

  20. Sugar Cookie

    A Brazilian Dad shot & killed his daughter when she tried to stop him beating her mom during a jealous rage