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child assault

  1. Sugar Cookie

    2 bad built bitches and one little boy gets kicked in his genitals

    https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6861499/Woman-deliberately-kicks-little-boy-legs-brawls-mother-Mexico.html Video at link
  2. Sugar Cookie

    Video: Woman Charged After Boarding School Bus And Attacking 9-Year-Old Boy

  3. Sugar Cookie

    teens abducted a 5yo girl from in front of the school to lure her sister- video shows one teen punch child in the face

  4. Sugar Cookie

    Sentenced: "I don't see prison as a fix ... Putting her in a jail cell and slamming the door is not the solution"

  5. Sugar Cookie

    Homeless man arrested after police say he punched 2 kids in the face & head while they waited for the school bus i

  6. Sugar Cookie

    Love & hip hop actress arrested for assaulting her daughter on school property

  7. Sugar Cookie

    China: Pregnant Woman Trips Boy After He Accidently Hit Her With A Door Flap

  8. Sugar Cookie

    Jessica Essie Outley Pepper Sprayed A 5 Y O While Trying To Fight A Bitch