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rape of child

  1. Sugar Cookie

    Man Admits To Photographing, Sexually Assaulting 8 Year-Old Boy

  2. Sugar Cookie

    Raped 7yo girl told ‘You deserve this, and if you want to leave here, don’t tell anyone’

  3. Sugar Cookie

    2x deported illegal found hiding in a closet is charged with raping a 12-year-old girl

    https://whnt.com/2019/03/12/illegal-immigrant-charged-with-raping-girl-in-marshall-county/ A FB I found that is under his alias says he is a father or a play father.
  4. Sugar Cookie

    Sentenced: Evil ginger gets 25yrs for impregnating an 11yo girl

  5. Sugar Cookie

    20-year-old Syrian Alshahada Thamer ia accused of raping 3-year-old boy at refugee camp in Greece

  6. Sugar Cookie

    Julio Cesar Ayala, 18 an El Salvadoran immigrant allegedly broke into the room of girl, 11 & raped her