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  1. Sugar Cookie

    2 month Xavier Richardson, Jr. was found blue, not breathing & had horrific bite marks

  2. Sugar Cookie

    55yo woman found her 27yo husband w/ his pants down abusing their 10-pound Maltipoo

  3. crys_xoxo

    Jay Brannon doused a cop w/ a flammable liquid & set him on fire as he served a warrant

    Portage County Sheriff David Doak wrote on Facebook that Sgt. James Acklin was released from Akron Children’s Hospital Burn Center Monday afternoon. He noted Sunday that Acklin was in good spirits and is thankful for the prayers and well wishes. Jay Brannon, 49, of Atwater, doused Acklin with a...
  4. crys_xoxo

    Nelson Lopez Jr & Nelson Lopez III arrested after troopers seize 4 pounds of cocaine hidden in boxes of Lunchables

    On February 5, 2019, troopers stopped a rented 2018 Ford F-150 with Florida registration for speed and unsafe lane change violations on the Ohio Turnpike. The patrol said that 'criminal indicators' were observed and the driver was asked to leave the vehicle. Troopers patted down the driver and...
  5. crys_xoxo

    Shakira Graham met a man on dating site and 2 days later robbed & killed him

    Members of a U.S. Marshals task force arrested 24-year-old Shakira Graham on Wednesday in Shaker Heights. She's charged with aggravated murder in the December shooting death of Meshach Cornwall. Police say she met Cornwall on a dating site and stayed over at his home in Garfield Heights...
  6. Sugar Cookie

    Anthony Jackson had a dog he “locked in the garage after he messed w/ the marijuana plants he had in his house”

  7. crys_xoxo

    Police helped Jeremy Davis from Overdose & then steals patrol car

    That is where they found 25-year-old Jeremy Davis and gave him Narcan, a drug first responders use to reverse opioid overdoses. Once officers got him into an ambulance, they began looking up his information to see if he had warrants. At that point, they say Davis took off running and stole...
  8. Sugar Cookie

    Boy, 13, won’t face adult prison time for killing brother, 11

    https://www.ohio.com/news/20190125/streetsboro-boy-13-wont-face-adult-prison-time If anyone knows the original post please copy and past
  9. Sugar Cookie

    Elisa Elliott forgot one of her six children in a van overnight in frigid weather

  10. Sugar Cookie

    No Justice: Woman to be sentenced for abandoning Agnes an elderly dog in a Walmart parking lot

  11. crys_xoxo

    Sheila Wallace was shot and killed while walking her dog!

    Police are searching for suspects after a woman was shot and killed while walking her dog Thursday evening. Police say 58-year-old Sheila Wallace was shot in the head while walking her dog in the 12300 block of McGowan Park around 7 p.m. Some passerby found the victim while walking in the...
  12. ghosttruck

    Arson scheme was suspect's effort to frame ex-girlfriend

  13. Sugar Cookie

    Moms warned about woman convicted of child endangerment offering free babysitting

  14. Sugar Cookie

    Teacher busted for masturbating in class with students present

  15. Sugar Cookie

    Ohio teen has been placed in a medically induced coma after trying to break up a fight at his 19th birthday party on New Year's Day

  16. Sugar Cookie

    Teenager sentenced to life in prison w/out the eligibility of parole for the brutal murder of an 98-year-old woman

  17. Sugar Cookie

    hit and run driver 'who killed two-year-old boy sleeping in stroller' and had to be revived with Narcan when arrested

  18. Sugar Cookie

    The Youngs & their 7mo babies live in an apartment with cat shit everywhere

  19. crys_xoxo

    Artemio Mondragon Torbio jumped out of a moving car to get away from police!

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/montgomery-county-man-jumps-out-of-moving-car-to-escape-police/ar-BBR0EXm A driver called 911 to report a white Ford Mustang speeding and swerving along U.S. 59 near State Highway 242. A Patton Village Police officer tried to pursue the driver, who exited at...
  20. Sugar Cookie

    Woman, 32, throws her baby 2x during an argument with her sister rambled to officers that she's blamed for everything