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  1. Sugar Cookie

    You can take Butt Naked John Mehne out of Florida but you can't take the Florida out of him

  2. Sugar Cookie

    Oklahoma police fatally shoot unarmed, naked teenager after stun gun fails to stop him

  3. Sugar Cookie

    Derek Henre Was Caught Running Naked With An Ice Cold Baby -- Both Covered In Blood

  4. 7WRNM2CPM5BTPJWBYGF677IZV4 (1).jpg

    7WRNM2CPM5BTPJWBYGF677IZV4 (1).jpg

  5. TheMorningStar

    Harley C. Morton Delivered Some Buns

  6. TheMorningStar

    Cory Hatzl Got Nekkid At Chick-fil-A

  7. Muriel Schwenck

    Joseph Musso Likes Long Walks in The Warm Rain. With Cooking Oil. And An Erection

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5750439/Naked-man-walking-Florida-neighborhood-tasered-police.html He should have fapped in his own back yard instead of his neighbours' porches.
  8. Sugar Cookie

    Shitty Mosley Came To The Door Naked & Intoxicated, Her 5 Kids Were Upstairs

  9. Sugar Cookie

    Derwin Johnson Jr. Left Woman Naked, Stabbed, Bitten & Missing Teeth In The Woods

  10. Sugar Cookie

    Deshaune Stewart Thought He Was Going To Be Terminated So He Went Postal

  11. Sue sue

    Trying To Drive And Fornicate At The Same Time Is Not Good For Trees Or Babies In The Back Seat

    A third time DUI naked man was getting his turkey gobbled when he crashed his car in a tree http://www.theolympian.com/news/state/washington/article186281393.html
  12. amac

    Naked Richard Dean Defeudis, 32, Climbs Into Bed W/ Sleeping Couple, Didn’t Realize Mr. Has A Gun

    I'm finding it hard to imagine the terror of waking up to this weirdo on top of you in your own bed. :eek: Well, because, why not damnit! :wtf: Ya think?! Did anyone else have the urge to call Richard Defeudis up there Richard Dreyfuss...