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  1. EyEgOrE

    Frivolous Friday Fails - Fast Fools: a Twofer

    A 39 year old (name withheld) Canadian man purchased a 2019 McLaren 600LT (that's a quarter million dollar car). He celebrated by really letting it go on the highway. He was recorded going over 100 MPH in a 55 MPH zone. Police pulled him over, issued him a citation, towed and impounded the...
  2. Sugar Cookie

    German official warns Jewish men against wearing yarmulkes in public as anti-Semitic attacks increase

    https://nypost.com/2019/05/25/german-jews-warned-not-to-wear-kippahs-in-public-amid-spike-in-hate-crimes/ Would another overly religious group be told the females should not wear certain attire in public?
  3. Sugar Cookie

    Mom will let you rape her daughters aged one and four, if you promise to marry her

  4. Sugar Cookie

    Baby boy fitted with artificial anus ‘after his parents sexually abused him when he was 6-weeks-old

  5. Sugar Cookie

    German town defends seizing an indebted family's pet and selling it on Ebay

  6. Sugar Cookie

    A rat packing on a little extra winter weight got stuck in a sewer grate in Germany

  7. Sugar Cookie

    Drunk Afghan refugee drags 17yo German girl off a bus by her hair before the bus rolls over her legs

  8. Sugar Cookie

    7 Syrian migrants & a German citizen arrested for a 4hr gang-rape of an 18yo girl in bushes outside a nightclub

  9. Sugar Cookie

    Hans-Joachim G on trial for rape & murder of 10yo girl he threw off bridge while still alive 27yrs ago

  10. crys_xoxo

    Wilfried & Angelika Wagener Used Personal Ads to Lure Women to Torture and Murder in German 'House of Horrors' Case

    https://people.com/crime/house-of-horrors-germany-couple-tortured-killed-women-lured-personal-ads/ A German couple who killed two women and tortured several others after luring them to their home with personal ads in newspapers were sentenced last Friday, PEOPLE confirms...
  11. Sugar Cookie

    WTF Sentence: Failed Asylum seeker, Abdul Mobin Dawodzai on trial for stabbing X-GF Mia Valentin to death

  12. Sugar Cookie

    Sentenced: Because Raped Boy, 9 Was Crying & Begging For Mercy The Video Had No ' Value '

  13. Sugar Cookie

    No Justice: Sex Slave Sexually Abused ' Piglet ' (daughter) For Her ' Online Master '

    I feel that this has been posted, tried searching could not locate. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5536245/Swiss-mother-jailed-sexually-abusing-daughter-five.html
  14. Sugar Cookie

    Abu Marwan Stabs Wife & Sends Message To Women Who Irrate Their Husbands

  15. Sugar Cookie

    Where The Marshmallows At, Rapist Asylum Seeker Eric X Sets Himself On Fire

  16. FrayedKnot

    German Pedophile Ring: Eight Arrested After Mother Sold Nine-year-old Son

  17. ChaosKitty

    Pumping Iron Can Be Hazardous To Your Health And Embarrassing

    This is a good wtf were ya thinking story. I would expect all men to be clutching their dangglies at the idea here, what kind of mishap? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4892552/Man-freed-firefighters-sticking-penis-weight.html A man who stuck his penis in a dumbbell weight spent three...