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  1. Sugar Cookie

    Arkansas Woman Drowns In A Flood After 911 Dispatcher Scolds Her During Her Final Minutes

    https://ktla.com/2019/08/30/arkansas-woman-drowns-in-a-flood-after-911-dispatcher-scolds-her-during-her-final-minutes/ 911 dispatcher and Debra Stevens. Donna Reneau to drowning woman 'A lot of people have called in on you, so don't think people are just sitting there. They're not going to get...
  2. Sugar Cookie

    Oklahoma Father High On Drugs As Son Drowns Arrested; Stepmom Also Arrested

  3. Sugar Cookie

    Palmdale Boy Who Died Begged Not to Be Reunited With Birth Parents, Great-Grandmother Says

  4. EyEgOrE

    Mandrake the Magician is No Houdini

    Jadugar Mandrake (the stage name for Indian magician Chanchal Lahiri, 40) attempted a Harry Houdini style stunt. "Chanchal Lahiri was tied up with steel chains and rope and slowly lowered into the water for the escape stunt near the Howrah Bridge in Kolkata. He was expected to free himself and...
  5. Sugar Cookie

    2yo twins Elijah and Elyssa Orejuela drowned at unlicensed day care Om Baby

  6. 0329_drowning_KHNL.JPG


  7. Sugar Cookie

    Eve Blankenfeld, three lost her life days after being left alone in a bathtub for just a few minutes

  8. Muriel Schwenck

    1 YO Anastazia Zuber Drowned in Bathtub According to Her Dad DJ Zuber. Baby Missing. Parents Run Away.

    https://www.krqe.com/news/new-mexico/albuquerque-authorities-search-for-missing-1-year-old/1684821809 I started to post this in the Missing forum, but it looks more like a fatal crime. 3 January 2019
  9. Sugar Cookie

    8-month-old Sebastian Hull was found unresponsive in a bathtub

  10. Sugar Cookie

    2-year-old Mason Rivers had methamphetamine in his system when he drowned in neighbors pool

  11. Sugar Cookie

    Aisha Fair drove toward river before drowning with 2 children, 7yo Charvon Lofton & 2yo Jattir Ragland

  12. Sugar Cookie

    Sydney Jones Submerged Her 6 Month Old Baby In Child Tub

    http://www.kq2.com/content/news/Mother-Charged-in-Death-of-6-Month-Old-Baby-462879243.html http://www.kq2.com/content/news/Police-Confirm-One-Child-is-in-Protective-Services-After-Mother-Killed--46
  13. Alf

    Markiya Mitchell, Rochester Ny, Accused Of Drowning 10-day-old Son

    Video, mugs at link --Al
  14. EchaSez

    Swim Coach Tracey Anne Boyd Indicted In Drowning Death Of Elisa Adelle Cerami During Practice.

    07/27/17 Tracey Anne Boyd and Elise CeramiTarrant County DA’s office. A former swim coach in Texas has been indicted in the drowning of a 13-year-old girl during practice last year, authorities said. Tracey Anne Boyd, 49, has been charged with abandonment and endangering of a child by criminal...
  15. EchaSez

    Anthony And Nicholas Aurilia, 3, Die In Accidental Drowning In Backyard Pool.

    July 26, 2017 Anthony and Nicholas Aurilia The 3-year-old twin brothers who tragically drowned in their Long Island pool Wednesdaywere “miracle babies” who came after a long road of troubled pregnancies, a family friend told The Post. The pool where Anthony and Nicholas Aurilia...
  16. EchaSez

    Marquavias Thweak, 2, Found Dead In Pool Hours After Pool Was Thoroughly Searched.

    07/25/17 Marquavias Thweak was found in a Birmingham pool following a wedding reception. (WVTM) The body of a 2-year-old boy was found in a pool in Alabama early Monday under "mysterious" circumstances following a wedding reception... The mother of Marquavias Thweak told Birmingham cops that...
  17. EchaSez

    James Hammond Drowns While Trying To Save Nephew Who Fell Off Boat Into Lake Michigan

    WOODLAWN — A man who was boating with three children was pulled from the water in "extremely critical" condition Monday and later died after he tried to rescue one of the children who fell in the water, authorities said. The four were in a small powerboat near 63rd Street Beach when the man's...
  18. Keepalowprofile

    Sheborah Thomas Had 3 Children. Now She Has One.

  19. Forensicwx

    Jameisha Alexander Accused Of Tossing Her Infant In A Pond, Then Leaving

  20. lalalandmamma

    Decorated Marine Drowns After Rescuing Two Dam Teens