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dating violence

  1. Sugar Cookie

    A mother and her 10yo daughter had "injuries that are consistent with strangulation"

  2. Sugar Cookie

    Kendall Smith decided to take a bite out of his Woman at the Antioch Burger King

  3. Sugar Cookie

    Side Ho Asked Main Ho "Who the Fuck Are You & Why Are You Coming To My House" With A Knife

    https://fox6now.com/2019/05/31/police-suspects-sought-after-woman-is-stabbed-pummeled-by-her-boyfriend/ Bayron & Beastie #2
  4. Sugar Cookie

    Man charged with threatening to cut off woman's nipple & clitoris

  5. Sugar Cookie

    Where Is The Dog: Man Chokes Girlfriend Out While Looking Foer Her Missing Dog

  6. Sugar Cookie

    Mother of 13, beaten to death by her boyfriend in front of children

  7. Sugar Cookie

    Do Not Let Juanita Blair Shave Your Back Hair

  8. Sugar Cookie

    The "Grim Creepa" Took An Axe & Got to Hackin'

    https://nypost.com/2019/04/21/victim-called-ax-murder-suspect-grim-creepa-and-mr-187/ Victims Savannah Rivera (L) and Angela Valle (R). https://nypost.com/2019/04/20/cops-questioning-suspect-in-connection-with-sickening-brooklyn-ax-murder/
  9. Sugar Cookie

    A Boxer Who Shot His Ex-girlfriend 5xs At Close Range & Then Beat Her w/ The Gun Is Found Guilty

  10. Sugar Cookie

    16yo came home to find flowers & her Shih Tzu mix w/an electrical cord wrapped around its neck

  11. Sugar Cookie

    Baby dies after pregnant woman claims she was kicked in stomach

  12. Sugar Cookie

    Jeremy Sanchez, 17 Was Killed By B F, 16, He Wanted To Breakup & Date Girls

  13. Sugar Cookie

    Pissed Pussy, Punched Penis In The Face When He Wanted To Call It Quits