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Tam, a 40-year-old resident of Tower, Minnesota, is convalescing in a Duluth hospital after suffering an injury that is both terrifying and extremely appropriate for that area, and this state in general.

As reported by WCCO, Tam was attempting to relocate a cabin near Lake Vermillion in northern Minnesota when things went really, really awry.

Tam's wooden dwelling was 16 feet by 12 feet, according to reports from the St. Louis County Sheriff relayed by a coolly named Facebook group called "Friends of the Northland FireWire." That's a petite lil' cabin.

Still! It is a structure you could live in, and this man was attempting to put it in a new place. It didn't go well.

Per the Facebook post, Tam was working to transport the cabin "when the structure fell off the jacks, trapping him underneath." Just how Tam's cabin-pinned condition was communicated to emergency responders isn't spelled out, but local firefighters and ambulances from a number of local departments arrived to find Tam and transport him to Duluth.

Tam is said to be in "fair" condition, which is 1) surprising, 2) amazing, and 3) means he has a story to tell for the rest of his lucky life.

How much does a 12x16 cabin weigh? Depends on building materials, obviously, but this company's prefab structure of the same runs 6,500 pounds. Ow!

Such cabins can be yours for only a few thousand bucks (shipping cost TBD), though fancier models are sold for more than ten times as much as the thrifty options. Live out your cabin dreams, Minnesotans, and let's hope Michael Tam is back on his feet and inside his as soon as possible.

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