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Jafet Andrillon, 19; his girlfriend Elizabeth Vega-Lopez, 18; and Andrillon's father, 40-year-old Carlos Andrillon-Torres, face charges of kidnapping, battery and false imprisonment.

Andrillon-Torres told deputies the three planned to kidnap the woman's boyfriend, who owed Andrillon $1,500, according to arrest reports. But as they were driving, they saw the woman in another car.

The woman told deputies she was on her way to pick up a paycheck from work when Andrillon-Torres pulled his Hyundai Elantra in front of her, according to arrest records. Andrillon and Vega-Lopez got out of the Hyundai and pulled the woman into the back seat by her hair, records show.

They drove to the Magnuson Hotel, records show. There, Andrillon-Torres took her phone and called her boyfriend, telling him that he needed to pay Andrillon back or they would hurt his girlfriend, records show. Andrillon-Torres gave him a time and place to bring the money, and told him not to call law enforcement, records show.

The woman's boyfriend called deputies, who went to the meeting place and arrested Andrillon-Torres and his son. They found Vega-Lopez with the woman, who was not injured, records show.

Carlos, Elizabeth & Jafet

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Fucking retards, you don't kidnap to get money owed, especially over $1,500. Kidnapping can bring in the Feds and those fuckers know what they are doing. That's why mobsters rarely kidnap when someone is late on paying back a loan. Assault & battery is the preferred method to entice the delinquent to cough up the cash. Those are local crimes, which the Feds don't handle, and the immediate pain reinforces the need to square their accounts.

Knowledge is power.

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