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CHICAGO, IL – Two Chicago siblings saved themselves a bunch of rent money, and bought themselves a bunch of trouble, when they murdered their landlord and hid his body a bit too close to home.

Some people never have the rent money when it's due. Some of them sweat it. Others just don't give a damn.

Tony and Elijah Green belong to the latter group.

The two twenty-something brothers decided that they were done wasting money on their 76-year-old landlord Vasudevareddy Kethireddy, so they put the whack on him.

They lured Kethireddy to their apartment with a bogus complaint about a leaky roof, and got him into a back room. Tony did the distractin' and Elijah did the stranglin'. Then they drove the body around in Kethireddy's car, waiting for their Murderer's Muse to suggest a good hiding spot.

The best they could come up with was to dump it in the sewer in front of their apartment building.

Then, like all criminal masterminds before them, they went a-spendin' using the now-missing dwelling-monger's credit cards, a move that is always certain to bring the law-dawgs a-sniffin'.

It did. And their nosing around paid off.

A witness apparently saw Elijah taking the body out the back door of the apartment after the murder. Further investigation showed that Tony's cellphone had been used to search for information on how long it would take a body in a sewer to decompose.

That led cops to the body. They found it on Friday, September 28th.

They found Elijah at the apartment on Saturday. They nabbed Tony there Sunday. I think they should have gone back Monday for the trifecta, but they didn't.

Both Greens are being held without bail, and both are singing like canaries.

No word on whether the apartment is available yet.
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Pretty Nice Troll
Probably Chicago, South Dakota, Jack.

WORD ! They just couldn't call mom ? What is she in jail or something?
My kid got evicted once ... for noise. He totally called us ... He was so mad ... we laughed in his face ... told him he was warned and got him some good head phones, he was more thoughtful after that.

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