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  1. Sugar Cookie

    Woman with cancer leaves her dog, Shell at animal shelter w/ heartbreaking note before going home & committing suicide

  2. Sugar Cookie

    15-year-old Pavel Matveev switched on a chainsaw and sawed off his own head

  3. Sugar Cookie

    Girl, 12, and boy, 16, in Colombia kill themselves after playing horrifying Momo 'game'

  4. Sugar Cookie

    Daniel Stephen Farr commits suicide after brutally raping 16 M O girl requiring 5 hour reconstructuve surgery

  5. Sugar Cookie

    ' I Want To Smother You Until You Die ' 4 Y O Victim Of Terror Campaign By Katherine Walker

  6. Sugar Cookie

    Dumbass Award: Michael Jensen Gives 13 Y O Son Advice On How To Kill Himself

  7. Sugar Cookie

    Imani Mccray, 8 Hung Herself After Being Placed On Time Out

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5175477/New-Jersey-girl-8-killed-time-out.html What a beautiful little girl. Whether it was bullying or play acting it is a shame that a young life is lost.
  8. brandi

    Keon Myers Commits Suicide After Son Finds Gun, Accidentally Shoots Self

  9. EchaSez

    Chiropractor Couple Patricia Colant & Glenn Scarpelli Jumped To Their Death Together.

    July 28, 2017 A couple jumped to their death in Murray Hill early Friday. Seth Gottfried, a broke Manhattan chiropractor and his wife jumped to their deaths from an office building Friday — leaving suicide notes describing how they “cannot live with” their “financial reality,” law-enforcement...
  10. brandi

    Lead Singer Of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington, Commits Suicide By Hanging

  11. LarzlovesJahi

    Man Who Shot Himself On Nj Turnpike Had Dead Wife In Trunk

  12. Satanica

    Man Shoots Woman In Head With Nail Gun, Then Himself, Police Say

  13. brandi

    Man Shoots At Upstairs Neighbor For Making Noise Then Shoots Self

  14. Humanus Imperfectus

    Seeking An Understanding Of Ethics And Freedom

  15. Sue sue

    Teen Spirit At Independence High School 2 Girls Dead From Gun Shot

    The speculation is it was a double suicide patio just outside the high school more in the link http://fox8.com/2016/02/12/police-2-girls-shot-dead-at-glendale-arizona-high-school/
  16. Humanus Imperfectus

    Texas Teen Cleans Out The Trailer Park.

  17. Humanus Imperfectus

    Suicide Is Contagious?

    http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/857904 this is interesting and/or depressing i guess depending on your nature. suicide is a pretty complex issue and knowing someone that has killed themselves does suck but i have always considered it a personal choice that an individual has a right to make.