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los angeles

  1. Sugar Cookie

    Los Angeles, California cities 'overrun by rodents' that pose public health epidemic, study says

    https://www.foxnews.com/us/los-angeles-california-cities-overrun-rodents-public-health Maybe these rodents want better for their offspring. It would be inhumane to stop their breeding and population growth. I am sure that they are a strength and add so much more to Los Angeles.
  2. Sugar Cookie

    MS-13 Member Sentenced to Life in Prison for Kidnapping, Rape, Murder of 13YO Jacqueline Piazza

  3. crys_xoxo

    Tyree Dubois Jones Charged For Fatally Shooting Uncle, Beating Grandmother & Shooting Mom

    "The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office charged Tyree Dubois Jones, 34, with one count of murder and two counts of attempted murder. The charges include allegations that he intentionally used a firearm to cause great bodily harm and death, caused great bodily injury upon a person...
  4. crys_xoxo

    Private West LA Track Coach Arrested For Sexual Battery

    "Conrad Avondale Mainwaring, 67, was taken into custody Wednesday on one count of sexual battery, according to Los Angeles police. Mainwaring coached at several tracks throughout West L.A., police disclosed. Mainwaring sexually battered a male athlete “under the guise of physical therapy and...
  5. Sugar Cookie

    Daddy Beat 4-Year-Old Son to Death? Charges Filed Just Before Father’s Day

    https://mynewsla.com/crime/2019/06/10/daddy-beat-4-year-old-son-to-death-charges-filed-just-before-fathers-day/ https://mynewsla.com/crime/2019/06/10/father-charged-with-beating-4-year-old-son-to-death/
  6. crys_xoxo

    Deceased Police search for Colorado woman Jennifer Michelle Lorber, who vanished in Los Angeles

    "Police said Jennifer Michelle Lorber, 30, disappeared after arriving in Los Angeles from Colorado on Thursday. Officers said they found her rental car near the Pacific Coast Highway around 1 a.m. Sunday, but there was no sign of her. Witnesses said they saw her at a motel not far from where...
  7. Sugar Cookie

    On Parole for Sex Crimes Against Children; Man Arrested in Playground Sex Assault

  8. Satanica

    Man pushes random passerby in front of oncoming truck in downtown Los Angeles

  9. crys_xoxo

    16yo Sierra Domonique Brown & 27yo sister found shot to death after arson fire put out

    https://abc7.com/sisters-found-with-gunshot-wounds-in-westchester-apartment-fire/4721627/ WESTCHESTER, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- An arson-homicide investigation is underway after two sisters were discovered dead with gunshot wounds in an apartment fire in Westchester. Shortly after 9 a.m...
  10. crys_xoxo

    Ramon Escobar held in baseball bat killings of homeless men in downtown Los Angeles

    https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/crime/suspect-held-in-baseball-bat-killings-of-homeless-men-in-downtown-los-angeles/ar-AAABfqv The man suspected of beating two homeless men to death and leaving two others in critical condition in Los Angeles County this month is also wanted for questioning in...
  11. crys_xoxo

    Animal rescue says abandoned pit bull died from sexual abuse

    https://www.aol.com/article/news/2018/08/09/animal-rescue-says-abandoned-pit-bull-died-from-sexual-abuse/23499453/ An animal shelter is calling for an investigation after a pit bull who was adopted two weeks ago died from what staff believes was physical and sexual abuse after being found...
  12. crys_xoxo

    Police Arrest Mom Who They Say Left Boy at LA Train Station

    https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/california/articles/2018-07-05/police-arrest-mom-who-they-say-left-boy-at-la-train-station LOS ANGELES (AP) — The Latest on a incommunicative little boy found apparently abandoned in Los Angeles (all times local): 8:30 p.m. Los Angeles...
  13. Sugar Cookie

    Jeremy Sanchez, 17 Was Killed By B F, 16, He Wanted To Breakup & Date Girls

  14. Sugar Cookie

    Bye Bye: ' Pretty Hoe ', ' The Most Hated Hoe In La ' Was Recruiting Underage Girls

  15. Sugar Cookie

    Another Ménage À Trois Gone Wrong, Man Stabbed Multiple Times

  16. Sugar Cookie

    Mi Reum Song, 86 Brutally Beaten By Homeless Richard Colomo

  17. Sugar Cookie

    Hera Was Thrown Off A Cliff Plunging 15 To 20 Feet & Survives

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5369167/Shocking-moment-man-throws-pit-bull-cliff-LA.html Andres Spancky Raya
  18. Sugar Cookie

    Alfonso Alarcon-nunez Used Uber Job To Rape & Rob Women

  19. Sugar Cookie

    No Justice: The Devil's Rejects Try To Sell 2 Children For Drugs Or Money