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From their official site:

For the new album, ‘Eternal Return,’ WINDHAND wrote throughout the winter. Out of the songwriting sessions, “Halcyon,” “Grey Garden,” “Red Cloud,” and the monstrous “Eyeshine” emerged as the heaviest tracks, while “Pilgrim’s Rest,” “Diablerie,” and “Feather” embodied the more reflective side of WINDHAND. The juxtaposition of heavy, psychedelic, and pensive is less like Black Sabbath and Sleep and more like Soundgarden and Veruca Salt. But the namedrops aren’t absolute so much as signals of WINDHAND’s ability to stretch beyond genre confines. ‘Eternal Return’ is a complete life-to-death journey.

Windhand is one of my favorite bands and fronted by one of my favorite female singers. They have never disappointed me with any of their releases, but man I hope they continue on this new course and let Dorthia Cottrell's vocals remain as front and center as they did with this release.

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