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Hat tip to Sugar Cookie.

EASTPOINTE, Mich. (FOX 2) - Two women have been charged with cruelty to an animal after their dog was found malnourished and with a misaligned spine while it was roaming the streets of Eastpointe

The Eastpointe Police Department announced Monday that Victoria Johnson and Deja Dodd were charged with cruelty to an animal.

animal control officers were called to a stray dog that was found extremely malnourished and with a spinal injury. The officer the dog, now called Saint, to Detroit Pit Crew Rescue.

On the rescue's Facebook page, they said the adult dog just 23 lbs and could not walk straight or for more than a few steps without falling or sitting down. He was also bleeding from multiple areas of his body.

The rescue said his spine is completely misaligned, possibly because of long term confinement in a small space. The doctors and staff from Center Line Veterinary Hospital told the rescue that they have never seen anything like this. As the officer investigated, he learned Johnson and Dodd had the dog for several months before it was found as a stray.

Both women were charged with cruelty to an animal and turned themselves in to police.

Saint is still at Detroit Pit Crew Rescue and is need of additional treatment.

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Looks and sounds like these two potato-heads got a puppy for whatever special occasion it was and then left it in the crate when it stopped being cute.

Since neither of them are cute (not by any stretch of the imagination), can we lock them in a crate and forget about em for a few years???

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