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The top ten most-read stories on the Front Page that were posted between last Sunday and now are:

#1: Sister Kills 5-Year-Old Brother, Cannibalizes Penis
by @Sugar Cookie

#2: 1-Year-Old Raped And Beaten To Death
by @Sugar Cookie

#3: Broken-Hearted Anger Management Specialist Murders Preacher, Shoots Wife
by @ghosttruck

#4: Newborn Found Wrapped In Plastic Bag Trunk, Parents Arrested
by @ghosttruck

#5: Man Brings Friends To Rape Child Over 500 Times Starting At Age 12
by @Sugar Cookie

#6: Boy Films Animal Torture Spree, Shows Off Work At School
by @Sugar Cookie

#7: Florida Man Wanted A Slurpee...Gets Arrested
by @ghosttruck

#8: Mom Abandons 5 Kids After DWI Crash
by @ghosttruck

#9: On The Off Chance My Mom Ends Up Dead I Need An Alibi
by @ghosttruck

#10: Man Bites And Attacks Woman Outside Little Rock Zoo
by @Satanica

Congrats to @ghosttruck @Sugar Cookie and @Satanica for breaking into the top ten!

Special honors to @Sugar Cookie for #1 story with 1250+ views and most total views (5420+), and to @ghosttruck for most stories (5).

Way to represent, y'all!

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