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Today, I got a card put through my door, because the cops probably want to ask me dumb questions about former support workers who knifed me in the back years ago, and caused me to have a criminal record over what was really all just petty nonsense. Or maybe it's somebody else entirely, who is also feeling annoyed over drama they instigated. Either way, I've had a lot of dealings with the fuzz in the past, mainly because these autism related caregivers couldn't do their damn jobs way back then, and I was sold down the river.

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Baekjul Bool Gool
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Mostly, there are some really great and wonderful LEO's, and then there are those few who're not so great... it sounds like you've experienced more of the latter, and it can also be hard to distinguish between them when you're young and it's your word against an adult state worker's, and sadly in such situations, they are usually going to believe the adult's version of events completely, especially after being told how "unreliable" a young person may be (even when the youth is absolutely TRUTHFUL) in what they claim.
Hopefully, now that you're an adult, they'll pay close attention to your side of whatever they're contacting you about - and even more hopefully, it's not about you, but perhaps someone you know or may have met that they're interested in talking about. ;)
Wishing you the best, always!
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