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Another netflix crime doc, this one is about a murdered nun and the blatant and disgusting Catholic Church abuse coverrups related to it. Little more interesting here because it's pretty much all based around a couple of bored old women who used to go to the school this pervert and likely homicidal priest worked at who several years back started a facebook group for the nun and started doing this over the top level of amateur invesitigating.

First off, i despise how this was directed. It is WAYYYY overlong and needlessly so. They go out of there way to build suspense and extend time on frivolous junk instead of just getting right into the nitty gritty of it all. And there's numerous questions that either arent asked, or they didnt feel it was necessary to include them or the answers in the thing. For example, the whole time im wondering, "is all of this stuff things the police have already thoroughly investigated and ruled out, or are still lookin into, or am I seeing stuff the authorities have turned a blind eye to?" We never get a concrete answer to this, some of it very late in the game is revealed to have been on the authorities radar, but the bulk is left in the air.

Outside of that, it was pretty interesting and good.

Sidenote, i fucking despise the scumbag filth who have these stories of family members comin home covered in blood around the time of the nuns dissapearance. They're convinced said family member did something, yet none of em contacted authorities at the time? I suppose it's possible they did, doc doesnt provide much info about it, but i def got the feeling they sat on this shit for decades for some inexplicable reason.

Fucking amazing the scumbag Catholic church still has so much power, even now going to such extreme measures to cover up abuse and wrongdoing. Amazing the politicians still cave to them(guess money talks). Amazing the authorities fucked up the investigation this badly by losing soooooo much evidence, or should i say "losing", who knows what involvement the Church had there.

Good stuff, worth watching. Fuck Catholics.

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