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A 77-year-old French-Spanish nun who taught impoverished women and girls in volatile Central African Republic has been decapitated, local authorities said Wednesday.

Sister Ines Nieves Sancho’s body was found early Monday in the village of Nola, located in the remote southwest near the borders with Cameroon and the Republic of Congo.

Local authorities condemned the killing but suggested it may not be linked to the ongoing sectarian bloodshed between militia groups that first engulfed the country in 2013.

“Elsewhere it’s the rebels who kill, but in Nola people kill to get rich,” said Official Jean Marc Ndoukou.

Authorities also said ritual crimes are not uncommon in and around Nola and perpetrators are rarely punished.

Ndoukou vowed that the unknown attackers would be punished, and the country’s parliament called for an investigation.

On Wednesday, Pope Francis led thousands of people in prayer for Nieves Sancho, saying she was “barbarously killed” in the place where she taught. The Vatican said she had worked with the poor for decades.
Sectarian violence exploded in Central African Republic in late 2013 after mostly Christian and animist militia fighters retaliated against Muslim civilians following a brutal rule by a mostly Muslim rebel government. Violence engulfed the capital and the southwest where an untold number of Muslims were slaughtered as they attempted to flee to Cameroon.

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A French-Spanish nun, Sister Inès Nieves Sancho, 77, was killed — apparently with her throat slit — in the village of Nola in the Central African Republic on the night of May 19-20.

In Central Africa, she taught sewing and cooking and led a circle of spiritual reflection, mainly for women and young girls, enabling them to become good wives, mothers and good Christians. She also often visited the sick.

Vatican News has announced that it may be a ritual crime based on superstitions, but that has not been confirmed.

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A Spanish nun who was murdered in the Central African Republic may have been killed as part of a pagan ritual.
Sister Inés Nieves Sancho, 77, was decapitated near her home in a remote village in the west of the country. Bishop Juan José Aguirre, 64, a fellow Spaniard who has worked in the country for 19 years, said her murderers were probably on the hunt for fresh blood. “In this area on the border with Cameroon there are diamond mines and there are people who use witchcraft,” he told ABC, a Spanish newspaper. “They believe that fresh blood, including that from human beings, brings luck in the hunt for these precious stones.”
Sister Inés, who had worked in the country for the past 23…

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