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AMC's Shudder is absolutely killing it lately. Aside from the old fashion I get from the homeless lady at the corner gas station, it's one of the few things I regularly pay for that I don't regret -- and I don't get my earlobe gummed in the process.

Aside from good ol' Joe Bob Briggs still being as awesome as he ever was (but making me feel old in the process), Shudder has also delivered the goods with some original releases like Revenge, Terrified, Better Watch Out, and Prevenge -- some of my favorite horror movie releases in recent years.

And now they have released a shitload of details regarding their Creepshow television series that will debut sometime later this year. Helmed by The Walking Dead's executive producer/director Greg Nicotero, the first season will include stories from such little-known authors as Stephen King, Joe Hill, Josh Malerman, Joe Fuckin' Lansdale, Christopher Buehlman, Bruce Jones, John Esposito, and Rob Schrab.

But what's some good stories if you got shit directors, am I right? Well it looks like they have that covered as well, mostly, bringing in David Bruckner, Roxanne Benjamin, Rob Schrab, John Harrison (George Romero's assistant director for the original Creepshow movie) and Nicotero himself.

Then, for the fat, juicy cherry on top, Oscar and Emmy award-winning KNB EFX GROUP Inc. will be handling the SFX.

“We’re thrilled to have Greg Nicotero on board to transform Creepshow into a series, featuring stories by giants in the horror field like Stephen King and Joe Hill, as well as a fantastic lineup of writers, directors and special effects wizards,” said Shudder GM Craig Engler. “This a dream series for fans of the original movies and for anyone who wants to experience ‘the most fun you can have being scared.’”

Shudder fan or not, anyone else the least bit excited for this? I grew up on episodic horror like Tales from the Darkside, Tales from the Crypt, The Hitchhiker, etc., and trying my best to remain pessimistic while hopeful.

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