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Ms. Montanez, 25, disappeared Jan 27 from Log Cabin, Texas. She had been visiting a friend way up north of Dallas in Addison when she apparently decided to go visit her boyfriend in Log Cabin. At 2:45 am her boyfriend called 911 because she had arrived uninvited and refused to leave. He is cooperating with authorities, but it has not been said how she ended up leaving his location. It has also not been said when LE arrived after he called or if his home was searched.

She was last seen driving a maroon 2011 4-dr Mazda. Again, how did she leave? Did LE show up and tell her to go or what? The article is vague.

No tip number was provided in the article.


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I can't understand why her boyfriend was upset that she showed up "uninvited." Was his wife mad or something?

She's a beautiful lady.

She really is beautiful.

However, most of the posts I scanned on her page are those annoying little quote picture reposts and are saccharine love/relationship quips. There is also a surprising lack of posts from friends in concern for her missing status.

Combined with that & the weird reaction to her showing up uninvited by her "boyfriend" makes me wonder if she is one of those fatal attraction type of women. Maybe the relationship was much deeper in her mind than his. News stories often become less factual by the effort to simplify things they are unable to confirm initially.

I can see a partner being annoyed & we don't know if she showed up drunk & expressing raging paranoia. I think frustration is normal, but this guy resorted to 911, and maybe I'm basing my guess on lack if knowing the dude's personality, but if he's really a real boyfriend, I don't think he'd have called 911 even if she refused to leave. I think either she threatened him in some way that activated his concerns or else the relationship is only in her imagination.

I hope she's found soon & safe and if necessary, that she is able to get help with coping skills.

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