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This might be one of the more satisfying videos I've watched in a while!

Four people have been arrested after environmental campaign group Extinction Rebellion used an old fire engine to spray fake blood in front of the Treasury building in central London.

Demonstrators were seen parking the vehicle outside the building before attempting to spray it with red liquid, thought to be 396 gallons (1,800 litres) of water coloured with food dye.

Campaigners claimed the stunt was designed to highlight the inconsistency in the Government's insistance that the UK is a world leader in tackling the climate emergency whilst simultaneously funding fossil fuel exploration and carbon intensive projects.

But the stunt did not go according to plan, as the protesters standing on top of the fire engine lost control of the hose when they began to spray the building. They instead ended up covering the ground in the red liquid as the hose snaked about untethered.

A police spokesman said: "Police were called at 10.17am to Horse Guards Road. People on a privately-owned fire engine had sprayed a liquid at the Treasury building. No reported injuries.

"Three men and one woman were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage."

At least 30 police officers surrounded the fire engine outside the Treasury building in Westminster, which had protesters standing on top of it, including 83-year-old Phil Kingston, from Bristol.

Ahead of the action, he said he was a Christian caring for the Earth as God's creation and he was fighting "with all my being for my four grandchildren in this situation of existential danger".

Fellow protester Cathy Eastburn, 52, said: "I'm terrified - as things stand my children do not have a future, and that goes for all children alive today.

"Around the world people are already losing their lives and homes because of climate breakdown - floods, droughts, food shortages, more frequent extreme weather events, and so on."

And she said: "Decisions being made here in the Treasury right now - including huge subsidies for fossil fuels, financing massive fossil fuels projects overseas, airport expansion - have devastating consequences and are incompatible with a liveable future for my children and all children everywhere."



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I like how they tried to avoid the water on the ground by repeatedly going through it.
These protesters are a joke.
It’s one thing having a message to spread and something totally different promoting anarchy.
Try telling your kids to learn enough in school to become a scientist that can have an actual impact on things. Or teach them how to become more sustainable themselves and turn it into a business???
It’s the way they protest and shove it down your throat saying it’s our generation that did this.
No, it was businesses and governments.
Get on their case not ours.

Spraying liquid on a building is criminal damage because they wilfully hurt the building with that liquid, which makes it a criminal act.....and rightly so.
Who knows what’ll happen if we let people get away with throwing liquids at buildings.......

We wouldn’t want anarchy ruling the country would we.......

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