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Maybe its because its the filthy water their children swim in? Maybe its the floods or the unreliable electrical power? Maybe its the restrictive and sexually repressed culture? Maybe its because the very air stinks of rotting feces and unwashed bodies. Whatever the fuck it is, Pakistan is the most shithole country in the most shithole region of this planet. When they aren't competing against India to earn the title "Most Rapyist Country", they are competing for being number one in "Slut Daughter Honor Killings". If they aren't shooting at Indian troops with howitzers in Kashmir, they're trying to grow their tiny nuclear dicks a bit larger by building another tactical nuke while their people crap in the streets. The one thing they do beat India in, hands down, is executing people for the most stupidest reasons, such as "Blasphemy".

The latest religious angry fuckfest in Pakistan was caused when a smelly, man-skirt wearing, Muslim teen claimed his school's smelly, man-skirt wearing, Hindu principal said some disrespectful remarks about the teen's pedophile prophet. So, of course, the surrounding area primitives went all ape-shit and are attacking the school, Hindu temples, and Hindu businesses. With all this commotion, I'm sure any assignments the smelly, man-skirt wearing, Muslim teen was suppose to turn in, before he made the accusations, will now not be required.

Dozens of people have been arrested in Pakistan after a teenager accused his Hindu headteacher of blasphemy, sparking riots.

The principal, who owns the school, was accused of making comments about the Prophet Muhammad in Sindh province.

A large mob then allegedly attacked a Hindu temple, shops and the school in the town of Ghotki on Saturday.

The principal is now in custody facing blasphemy charges. If found guilty, he could face the death penalty.

The rioters have also been charged under the blasphemy act, according to BBC reporters in Pakistan. However, they face a lesser charge of attacking a temple which does not carry the possibility of a death sentence.

Pakistani media reports say 43 people were charged in connection with the attack. A number of others were charged with rioting and theft, Dawn newspaper reports.

"Alleged accused in a sensitive case of Ghotki is now in the custody of police," Dr Jamil Ahmed, the additional inspector general of the local police force, tweeted.

"Situation in Ghotki is back to normal within 12 hours. Fair investigation is being done after confirming facts and justice ensured. Cases against hooligans are being registered and miscreants being nabbed."

The unrest has sparked widespread comment on social media and revived debate about Pakistan's draconian blasphemy laws.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has condemned the violence, sharing a video of the alleged destruction on Twitter.

"The video... is chilling: mob violence against a member of a religious minority is barbaric, unacceptable," it said in the post.


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Hey Pakistan, India says you guys are progressively liberal.
You gonna take that?

Yo, India, Pakistan says you Fuck cows and are secretly Christians.
Surely you need to shut them up for good, right?

Better planet for the rest of us!

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Norcal Skim

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Kids in Pakistan have it SOOO easy. When I was a kid and didn't study for a test I had to fool my mom into believing I was sick (pretty hard to do after the the first couple lol). Over there just claim your teacher said something bad about Muhammad and you're pretty much free for a couple weeks!

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