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August 24, 2015
Beaufort County investigators revealed that a St. Helena couple has admitted to abusing their 6-year-old daughter.

The couple is charged with killing D'Naja Fields, the cause of death: Total Body Blunt Trauma.

That's the term now being used by the medical examiner to describe how little D'Naja died.

It was the words of Antonio Coaxum and Dajaa Fields, which ultimately lead to their own arrest.

"The parents admitted that they had struck their child with a belt," said Lt. Col. William Neill, Beaufort County Sheriff's Office.

Neill said on July 7th, D'Naja's parents called 911, claiming she was unresponsive, after falling on the floor several times.

She was taken to Beaufort Memorial Hospital but was later transported to MUSC in Charleston, due to the severity of her injuries.

"There were marks on the child. The hospital actually notified the Sheriff's office about the severe beating the child had taken," said Lt. Col. Neill.

Three days later, on July 10th, the 6-year-old was pronounced dead.

"Some of her organs started shutting down, which caused her to pass out on the night of the incident. And apparently she just couldn't survive the damage," said Lt. Col. Neill.
A St. Helena Island woman will spend six years in jail in connection with the death of her 6-year-old daughter in 2015.

Dajaa Fields, 27, pleaded guilty Thursday to unlawful neglect of a child.

Dajaa Fields and the child's father, Antonio Coaxum, were charged with homicide by child abuse in August 2015.

Antonio Coaxum, was found not guilty by a jury in 2017. The jury saw video evidence during Coaxum's trial of "some of the things that took place" leading up to D'Naja's death, said 14th Circuit Solicitor's Office spokesman Jeff Kidd.

Prosecutors reconsidered Dajaa Fields' homicide charge after Coaxum's not guilty verdict, Kidd said. She was indicted in February on the neglect charge and chose to plead guilty rather than go to trial.

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I think the more appropriate sentence would have been to house these two in a stall with a really vicious bull that kicks a lot. Essentially just let it stomp them to death

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