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Courtesy of Sugar Cookie.

The 62 dogs, some still wearing their collars, were terrified, exhausted and malnourished when they were found in a backstreet abattoir by Chinese animal activists on June 12, according to sources.

They were immediately driven to a temporary shelter to be given emergency care, food and water, said the activists are in the process of arranging the animals to be sent to rescue centres around the country.
Wei, one of the Chinese activists, told HSI: 'It was swelteringly hot inside the slaughterhouse when we got there, the dogs were exhausted and panting, some pressing themselves tight against the wall in an effort not to be noticed.

'Others chased around our legs eager for attention. '

These animals were likely one of the last truckloads of dogs entering Yulin before the festival because the local government would likely stop further trucks from coming into the city, added Wei.

'Please don't waste your breath calling dog-eating Chinese culture. It is not our culture to steal people's pets. It is not our culture to eat dogs.'

Although the Yulin dog meat festival has left the world in shock, most people in China don't actually eat dogs.

The animals are typically consumed by a minority of residents in northern China near the Korean Peninsula and Mongolia as well as in southern China near Vietnam.
He added: 'We urge the Chinese government to show that it will not tolerate the dog thief gangs who perpetuate this trade, and bring an end to the brutal dog and cat meat trade.'

HSI is currently helping the rescued dogs to be transported to a long-term shelter in northern China. The organisation said they would also look for suitable overseas adopting families for the animals.

Yulin Dog Meat Festival, held on summer solstice, is a highly controversial food festival in southern China's Guangxi Province.
Lots of sad photos and a video at the link.


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was actually in the process of being outlawed 3 years ago then negotiations broke down but glad these dogs were saved, tons off stolen pets liek the ones from the one village that caught the thieves and tried to beat them to death

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