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"The lawsuit, filed in April, alleges Meghan Collen Dougherty was a teacher at Hillcrest Middle School when the abuse happened. It said the girl was under 18 at the time of the abuse, which the abuse happened between 2014 and 2016.

The Greenville County school district’s response said Dougherty was employed as the P.E. teacher at Hillcrest Middle School from August 2012 until March 2015.

The allegations that the girl was sexually and emotionally abused were “denied for lack of knowledge,” according to the Greenville County School District’s response to the allegations.

The lawsuit said the school district was aware of prior instances concerning improper behavior by Dougherty and the girl was placed “in unreasonable risk of harm by Dougherty.” The school district denied this in its response.

The district “failed to properly investigate Dougherty” to determine whether she would behave in a manner suitable for the position she was hired for and failed to properly supervise Dougherty to ensure she was “behaving appropriately and in a safe and reasonable manner,” the lawsuit said. This was also denied in the school district’s response.

According to the lawsuit, the girl had medical expenses as a result of Dougherty's action and will continue to incur damages in the future. The lawsuit is seeking actual and punitive damages to be determined by a jury."


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School districts have one job. Only one.
Educate children in an effective and safe environment. Know where does their mandate include investigation for criminal activity.

That mandate falls on the shoulders of law enforcement who are trained, have resources and are empowered to do it. When school boards decide to play cop they always screw it up. That is why it is possible to get a hold of law enforcement so many easy, painless and convenient ways.

As for the accused, she is next door soccer mom kind of hot. With the school board standing so firmly behind her it makes me wonder who she is entertaining.

It sounds like there was a lot of damage done to the victim when we start talking about extensive medical bills and ongoing cost coupled with treatments. I got the impression that we're not just talking about therapy here.

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