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Update: http://www.komonews.com/news/national/29604139.html

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - A woman whose dogs viciously attacked and killed her neighbor in the hallway of their apartment building seven years ago was sentenced Monday to 15 years to life in prison.

Marjorie Knoller was convicted of second-degree murder in the 2001 mauling death of Dianne Whipple, but a judge later reduced the charge to involuntary manslaughter and sentenced her in 2002 to a four-year prison term.

But the California Supreme Court last year said the trial judge was wrong and sent the case back. Last month, Superior Court Judge Charlotte Woolard reinstated the murder conviction, for which Knoller was sentenced Monday.

The case is the California's first murder conviction connected to a dog mauling, prosecutors say.

The case turned into a tabloid sensation because of the viciousness of the attack - the dogs tore all of Whipple's clothing from her body and left her with more than 70 bites - and the seemingly cavalier attitudes of Knoller and her law partner and husband, Robert Noel, who blamed Whipple for the attack.

The couple also said they were keeping the canines on behalf of a white supremacist accused of running an attack dog ring from his state prison cell. The couple eventually adopted the prisoner, Paul "Cornfed" Schneider, as their son.

Knoller, who has served three years in prison, will have to serve 12 more years before she can apply for parole.

In denying Knoller's plea for probation, Woolard noted that Knoller didn't call 911 or otherwise try to help Whipple during the 10-minute attack. The judge said Knoller knew the dogs were dangerous, ignored numerous warnings to train them and hasn't expressed remorse for the attack.

"She has blamed the victim and has held her dogs in higher regard than humans," Woolard said.

Whipple's partner, Sharon Smith, addressed Knoller before she was led off to jail. Smith called Knoller's relationship with the two dogs and the prisoner "perverted" and expressed satisfaction with the lengthy prison sentence.

"It is very hard to find forgiveness for someone who doesn't accept responsibility," Smith said.
In my opinion, its about time they started actually giving people sentences for dog attacks. Happens too often up here.

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I wanted to thank you but the friggin thanks button won't work again. Are thanks buttons rationed and I just run out of mine? Hmmmm
Anyway, thanks
O.K. I am familiar with the story. The dogs were Presa Carnarios which weigh in at 130 to 150 pounds. They are distantly related to pit bulls and have been described as "pit bulls on steroids"
Thay had been owned by Paul "cornfed" Schneider, who was a leader of a white supremist group. And he was in prison. The Knollers, both attorneys, had adopted this inmate after he was sent to prison.
Their neighbors were afraid of the dogs as one person was bitten and several more had been lunged at by the dogs in an aggressive manner.
O.K.....Skip to the chase
Diane Whipple was TERRIFIED of the dogs as one had tried to bite her. One day she was walking in and one of the dogs, Bain, got away from Mrs Knoller and attacked her. The dog weighed about 140 pounds, the vicim, about 110 #. It is still unclear if the second dog attacked her or not. Mrs Knoller was in the hallway and claims that she threw herself over the victim. However, she did not have blood on her. The victim had her trachea and voicebox ripped out, over 70 bites and most of her clothing torn off.
Mrs Knoller did not call 911, she took the other dog and went into the apartment. Neighbors called 911. When the police arrived they found the mortally wounded Ms Whipple attempting to crawl into her apartment. She died shortly thereafter.
Mrs Knoller blamed the victim. She at first stated that the victim had started a fight and had been attacked after she hit Mrs Knoller. She changed her story several times. She also postulated that the victim had a certain smell on her that excited the dog and alluded that this was due to the fact that Ms Whipple was a lesbain. And several other equally sorry ass excuses blaming the victim.
Back to Paul "cornfed" Schneider. He hd bred these dogs to protect drug dealers, etc. And he had mistreated them to make them mean. And, his newly adoptive mother. Well she sent nude pics of herself to him(kinda scarey if you've seen her pics). Also photos of herself performing sexual acts with the male dog, Bain (fucked up that dog, she did)
O.K....I hope that she spends every minute of the 15 years.
Cold hearted unremorseful bitch, lying ass cunt.
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California commissioners denied parole Thursday for a former San Francisco attorney serving a life sentence in a bizarre dog-mauling case that tested the limits of the state’s murder laws.

Marjorie Knoller is serving a sentence of 15 years to life in prison for second-degree murder after her dogs attacked and killed her neighbor, Diane Whipple, 33, in their San Francisco apartment building in 2001.

Commissioners decided Knoller can try again in three years, said parole board spokesman Luis Patino.

Thursday’s hearing was her first chance at release during her second stint in prison. She was initially freed in 2004 when a judge reduced her second-degree murder conviction to involuntary manslaughter, but she was sent back when another court reinstated the tougher conviction.

The California Supreme Court eventually decided Knoller acted with a conscious disregard for human life when her 140-pound Presa Canario escaped and killed Whipple. The sentencing judge said Knoller did little to stop the attack.

Whipple, the women’s lacrosse coach at St. Mary’s College in Moraga, bled to death from 73 bites, including fatal injuries to the neck.

Knoller’s husband and law partner, Robert Noel, wasn’t home at the time but was convicted of involuntary manslaughter and failing to exercise care with an attack dog. He was sentenced to 4 years in prison and paroled in 2003.

The couple said they were keeping the dogs in their apartment on behalf of a state prisoner whom they eventually adopted as their son.

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This lady deserves every single day that spends behind bars .... I remember when this story first came out the fact that the victim was a lesbian was really hyped, which is too bad because regardless Knoller had a responsibility to herself, the dog, and her community to do better and more than watch this woman die. The fact that she's shown no remorse at all is just mind blowing too me ... even more mind blowing than the fact that she didn't try to stop to the attack ... I don't know how I would react if my dog did something like this ... maybe I would freeze and not be able to respond, and if that was the case I would feel pretty damn bad about it after .... but this lady ... she is something else ... something bad.

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