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Because I am not in a creative mood today, and have to leave in a few minutes for a doctor's appointment anyway, I am just going to quote and link the article, and if someone wants to dress it up a little bit, feel free. MAKE SURE YOU WATCH THE VIDEO!:

article said:
Brian Sterner broke his neck almost 14 years ago and is a quadriplegic.

Sterner, who can drive, was arrested on a traffic violation. When he was booked into the Orient Road Jail last month, Sterner couldn’t believe what happened.

He says a deputy looked at him and didn’t believe he was a quadriplegic. She walked behind him, took the handles on the back of the hospital-grade wheel chair and dumped it forward.

Sterner says he tried to roll as he was going down, but hit so hard he thought he had broken two ribs. Then, while he was on the floor, deputies frisked him and tried to get him back into the chair.

He adds, if they’re trying to figure out if somebody needs to be in a wheelchair or not, there are many other ways to do it than to dump somebody on their face.
Ya think?! :sarcastic:


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Did she feel him up? That was a pretty frisky pat-down on his groin area.

I hope this bitch serves some time in prison. I can't believe she didn't at-once realize the dude was incapable of faking something like that, and show some remourse. Instead she started looking in his pockets for some JuJu Beans or some Kools or some shit.

This was a pretty disturbing video to watch. Thanks a TON! :p

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