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"My friends would be like, what's that chirping noise? And I'd be like oh, it's the birds across the street,” Macie Nantze, who lives across the street, told News 4.

Not just two or three, but neighbors say about 15 parrots have been kept in their neighbor’s garage for years, until now.

"I saw some animal control cars and just saw them packing up the birds,” Nantze said.

The birds were found living in filthy conditions after neighbors reported the homeowner for a foul smell.

"They were malnourished and obviously had not received the proper treatment that they should be receiving,” MSgt. Gary Knight, with the Oklahoma City Police Department, said.

Neighbors said the noise and the unpleasant odor has been a nuisance for years.

"You got the smell. And you're out here working in the yard and people are stopping by wanting to know, you know what’s the noise," Elizabeth Vargas, who lives next door, said.

She said the homeowner doesn’t live there full-time.

"He moved to Crescent to acreage up there and left the birds here. But he came every other day to take care of them,” Vargas said.

Now, police are working on getting a warrant to arrest him for animal cruelty.


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