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This happened last year but he just pled guilty. Apparently the stupid "mother" is still seeing him.

A former West Lafayette man faces between six and 20 years in prison for causing multiple broken bones that hospitalized his 3-month-old son a year ago.

Lucas W. VanNote, 21, pleaded guilty Monday in Tippecanoe Superior Court 2 to neglect of a dependent causing serious bodily injury, a Class B felony.

The plea -- done without the benefit of a plea agreement with the prosecutor's office, Prosecutor Pat Harrington said -- came a day before VanNote was to stand trial.

He is scheduled to be sentenced Aug. 5.

VanNote's son, Jayden VanNote, suffered injuries that included at least four fractures to his right forearm, three fractures to his thighs and fractures to both shin bones.

Charges against VanNote were filed after the boy's mother took him to the emergency room at St. Elizabeth Medical Center on April 15, 2008, for a red and swollen left leg.

Jayden was later transferred to Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis. According to court documents, doctors there told West Lafayette police investigators that some of his injuries were consistent with his arm and leg being jerked or yanked.

VanNote allegedly was angry because Jayden would not stop crying and kept spitting out his bottle.

Jayden has since been released from the hospital.

The family lived at the Country Villa Estates apartment complex on Yeager Road at the time. Tippecanoe County's online court records list VanNote's current address in Veedersburg.

VanNote, who was released from the Tippecanoe County Jail shortly after his arrest, was booked in again earlier this month because his bond was revoked.

Deputy Prosecutor Laura Zeman said he recently was caught climbing out of Jayden's mother's apartment window at Country Villa.

The apartment complex had told him not to go on its property, Zeman said. VanNote is charged in Tippecanoe Superior Court 5 with resisting law enforcement and trespassing in that incident.
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Death before dishonor, huh? Guess he should off himself then...


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Is everyone just fucking stupid or do they just believe everything that they read as if nobody has ever told false stories before.???
All right moron, besides digging up a 10 year old dead thread, let's see what else you are a shit stain for. 10 year ago you got caught not be able to control your anger so you broke a baby, breaking its arms and legs in numerous places, as well as spitting in the baby's formula. What a cowardly, sick fuck you are.

Over the years you keep fucking up and getting arrested. I found a few arrest reports, but here is just one I found from your local boys in blue, the Fountain County Sheriff's Dept on their Facebook page.
Fountain County Sheriff's Dept.
August 20, 2017

08/13/2017 – 08/19/2017

On 08/16 Lucas Wade VanNote age 29 of Attica Indiana was arrested on a Community Corrections Warrant.

I'm so glad you dug this old thread up, because I never heard of the fucktard Lucas VanNote, because it was posted before I joined DD, now I have the pleasure to see the human garbage you are. You are one sorry piece of shit, who not only didn't learn your lesson 10 fucking years ago, but continue acting like a coward, a bully and punk. Fuck you.


Lucas "I don't really believe in 'Death Before Dishonor' because if did I would have died a long time ago"

Edit: If you aren't this turdbasket, obviously you know the fucker, so please pass on what I think of this cumstain.
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