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Dutch YouTubers Ties Granzier and Govert Sweep were arrested at Area 51 in the American state of Nevada, the NYE County Sheriff's Office said on Facebook. They told the police that they saw and understood the no trespassing warnings, but wanted to look at the site.

According to the local police, the duo had a drone, cameras and laptops on them. They recorded footage on the Area 51 site - a test location for the United States air force, where popular conspiracy theories say the American authorities experiment on aliens.

20-year-old Granzier and 21-year-old Sweep were arrested on Tuesday. They both face charges of trespassing.

In July an event appeared on Facebook, calling people to storm Area 51 on September 20th. More than two million people indicated that they would do so. The initiator of the event took it offline, after a visit from the FBI. The event was instead turned into a festival near the site, according to NOS.

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Everyone knows Area 51 is now smoke and mirrors if it was ever anything but. It is not the place that has the conspiracies that you think you know exist it's the ones you never hear about. Here's the thing however how is it possible that the alien conspiracy could still be kept as a secret when everything else the government does leaks out? Just think about it it makes no sense.

Do I believe in aliens, yes.
Do I think they have visited Earth, sure.
Do I think they are chilling out in Area 51, no.
The US Marines have a belief of no man left behind. Even when they're dead. It would stand to reason that an advanced alien society would have a similar credo if they were sending out scouts or what have you.

Bottom line is if aliens do exist they're probably here on Earth some place. Just not the places where you expect them to be.

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PIOCHE, Nev. (FOX5) -- The Lincoln County District Attorney's Office said it may pursue possible legal action against Facebook and the original creators of the "Storm Area 51" event after the county was left with a hefty bill.

According to Lincoln County D.A. Dylan Frehner, the office will seek any possible action against Matty Roberts, Brock Daily and anyone who may have pushed the Area 51 movement. Charges would be reviewed as they came up.

The events scheduled to happen in Rachel and Hiko, as well as payment for law enforcement, EMS services and ensuring guest safety, has left Lincoln County with a bill of more than $200,000, Frehner said.

Lincoln County emergency manager Eric Holt said some of the costs the county was dealing with was to budget 300 first responders. Part of the $250,000 bill the county faces includes:

  • $90,000 for meals
  • $10,000 for emergency fuel for law enforcement vehicles, some of which includes helicopters
  • $36,000 for porta pottys and hand-washing stations
  • $40 - $50,000 for personnel and travel to cover incident command structure
There will be three command divisions, according to Holt. One will be based in Rachel, the other in Hiko and the third in Tikaboo Valley.

Holt also said expenses also covered communication costs and the county has to pay for travel for other agencies such as Guardian Medical, Nevada Highway Patrol, Las Vegas Metropolitan police and the Nevada Division of Investigation.

Money for managing the events is coming from the Land Fund Act, which has some interest Lincoln County is able to access, Holt said. The act has about $785,000 in it.

Roberts sent a cease-and-desist letter to Connie West, the owner of the Little A'Le'Inn, on Sept. 12, claiming West was no longer able to use the term Alienstock and the original event was canceled due to lack of preparations.

The letter also stated that West had failed to provide "any plan for security, medical services, and adequate insurance."

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Roberts pulled the plug on the original event in Rachel last week, citing concerns over organization, safety and funding.

Charges and restitution could be sought as early as next week once the total costs are known after working the events.

Frehner said any lawful or unlaw

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