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Say hello to Michael Taber, 46 and self claimed "World's Dumbest Criminal" self claimed , who just signed a plea to a grand theft charge in Nassau County Florida. Mr Taber did a little shopping at a local Walmart last April and five finger discounted a $258 Snapper lawnmower and a $148 Murray weed trimmer.

He proceeded to drive off with the stolen loot and was pulled over shortly after and arrested. Taber told the cops that he intended to pawn the items for money to buy prescription drugs. He stated “pain makes you do stupid things”…sounds like it was the addiction at the wheel rather than pain.

It’s not reported if he was sentenced after entering his plea. He recently worked at a local BBQ place and his boss gave him glowing reviews and said that he’s a good worker and takes his job seriously. Taber’s rap sheet includes a 2005 grand theft conviction for which he spent 15 months in state prison.




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He stated “pain makes you do stupid things”…
Sounds to me like he started out stupid and just went on fromthere. You can get pain meds if you're willing to jump thru all their hoops to get them. Seems he didn't want to work towards that at all.

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